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Trust comes with time

Will you be in business 2 years from now?


We are there for you
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A very common question we were asked when we started MyOPD in late 2011. Our company became Private Limited in July 2012. Answering these questions have become easy for us in 2015 than in the year 2012 when we were not even an year old.

The question was pertinent though.  Doctors had gone through some rough experiences while dealing with some providers in the past. Particularly the Doctors we met faced these issues from their vendors:

  • Were promised everything that was asked by the sales person. Once the money was paid, no promises were kept
  • Gave really basic Software and kept asking more money for customization
  • Vendors were college students/friends/relatives doing part time projects. No serious dedication to make things better for Doctors over a period of time.

How different are we?

  • MyOPD sells directly through the internet. We do not visit Doctor’s office simply because it is not required. This way, we reduce our operating costs and pass the monitory benefit to you. Mobiles are bought these days over the internet, why can’t clinic software?

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