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Pediatric Vaccination in India

How does it work?


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If you are a Pediatrician or a General Physician, pediatric vaccination is one activity that is a part of routine work in the clinic. One of the common questions asked by our clients undertaking the trial is – Can you remind patients about their vaccination milestones as per the IAP schedule?

Well, we would love to do that. However, there is a problem in the way India works. We experienced it in the field with our trial solution and then rolled it back. Here were the issues faced while implementing the automated SMS reminders using the IAP Schedule.

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Doctor Software and Vendor Selection

Started to think about Software? Great! You have taken an excellent step towards functioning better. The hard part is deciding from where to buy. Doctor software has too many choices these days. You need to be careful about selecting where to buy from.

In this article we will help you present our perspective to help you make a better judgement. So what are your choices?

I want to build my own software

Unless you have a requirement completely different than the rest of the world, avoid this option. This should be your choice only if you have a particular niche practice that no other solution is able to manage. Remember, it is one part to build a software and another to keep it updated based on your changing requirements. As a Doctor, it will be hard to focus on this. Frankly speaking, it is not worth the effort. Plus, you lose out on enhancements suggested by other Doctors using a common software.

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