Team MyOPD

Team MyOPD

Dear Doctors,

Catalyze Systems Private Limited was established in July 2012 with a goal to provide technology solutions to Indian Market. As we grow, we now look forward to providing such benefits in other regions as well.

Our objective is to introduce Doctors to technology and its effective use in their respective domains. That in itself is a challenge as healthcare is a complex domain to model in software. Add to it the pain of using computer and typing can cause Doctors to stay away from technology. Technology though in a way always benefits when we adapt. With the advent of Cars and Bikes, we can travel faster and easier. However, we need to go through the pain of learning to drive. Isn’t it?

We believe that Doctors are not using computers enough because they haven’t had a good enough reason to use it. MyOPD aspires to be that reason.

It would be our endeavour to constantly provide you software that would help you function better and faster. The best part is, some of the Doctors currently using MyOPD can work through the software faster than our engineers.

You may also take a while to compute the expenses you would encounter while using MyOPD in the Pricing section.

Thank you for reading through and have a great time with technology.

MyOPD, there is something for everyone!

Best Regards,
Manish Raje
Founder & CEO (Catalyze Systems Pvt Ltd, Pune).