Hospital Software Pricing

MyOPD’s Hospital Mangement Software includes OPD as well as IPD software. In this post we explain the pricing of MyOPD Hospital Management Software. MyOPD Software works best for Hospitals having 5 Beds to 40 Beds. It involves modules like OPD Registration with UHID, IPD Admission, Discharge, IPD Billing and so on.

During our interaction with Doctors running Hospitals, we found that the investment capacity towards a software solution largely depends on the usage of the Hospital. A Hospital with just 5 Beds admits less patients than a Hospital with 40 Beds. Naturally, the cost of the solution should be less for them than the ones utilizing their Hospital or Software more.

In addition to that, we also consider the cost we incur while supporting our clients. If we are going to be involved more into making the solution work, the charge will be more.

With this background in mind, let’s now check the different plans we have for Hospital Management Software.

Subscription Plan

  • Subscription plan allows you to start using the Hospital software with less initial investment and an yearly charge.
  • Subscription plan is offered only to those Hospitals who plan to use the solution on up to 3 computers.
  • There is no restriction on the number of Doctors and staff logins to be added to the software.
  • There is no restriction on the number of patients you would see in OPD. You can see 100 patients/day as well.

Subscription Plan Rates

Subscription Plan OptionsPer Year Pricing
120 Admissions for 1 year Rs. 7,000
250 Admissions for 1 year Rs. 8,000
500 Admissions for 1 yearRs. 9,000
All prices include 18% GST
  • With Subscription plan, you get all the benefits of the software (OPD + IPD) at a reduced yearly charge.
  • You are free to change your yearly quota during the next recharge. Any unused quota of admissions from last year will be carried forward after the recharge.
  • Yearly payment is necessary to keep using the software for both, OPD and IPD.

Pay As You Go Plans

  • In Pay As You Go Plan, the OPD portion of the software keeps working without any yearly charge. However, you have to pay yearly charge to use the IPD portion.
  • So the basic difference between Pay As You Go and Subscription plan is that OPD version works for lifetime.
  • If you intend to use the software on more than 3 computers, you can choose from Pay As You Go Plan.

Pay As You Go Plan Rates

Pay As You Go Plan OptionsFirst Year PriceAMC from Next Year
120 Admissions for 1 year Rs. 20,000Rs. 7,000/year
250 Admissions for 1 year Rs. 22,000Rs. 8,000/year
500 Admissions for 1 yearRs. 24,000Rs. 9,000/year
All prices include 18% GST
  • With Pay As You Go Plan, you get all the benefits of the software (OPD + IPD) at a fixed yearly charge which you need to pay if you want to continue using the IPD portion of the software.
  • You are free to change your yearly quota during the next AMC recharge. Any unused quota of admissions from last year will be carried forward after the recharge.
  • OPD portion of the software keeps working without the yearly charge.

Unlimited Plan / One-Time Plan

  • In this plan, there is not restriction on the number of patient admissions in IPD.
  • You are covered under support plan and you also get software updates in the first year.
  • There is also no compulsion to pay the yearly AMC to use the software.
  • You can use the software in IPD without paying the AMC as well.
  • If you do not pay AMC, you will not get software updates, support and online services like SMS reminders etc.
  • However, your regular tasks in OPD and IPD will continue offline.

Unlimited Plan, One-Time Plan, Rate

Unlimited PlanFirst Year PriceOptional AMC from Next Year
No limit on Patient AdmissionsRs. 34,810Rs. 6,700 for 1 year
All prices include 18% GST
  • Product Updates and Support are available only if you have an active AMC.

Get in touch with us today to understand what will work best for you. Be assured that we will suggest you an option that will work the best for you. In case our solution does not fit your requirements, we will tell you so.

Book you free online demo with us to understand how MyOPD Beds Hospital Management Software Works. Click here to Contact us.

You may also watch our Demo YouTube Tutorials at:

Laboratory Software, Pathology Laboratory Software

Hospitals often have a in-house Laboratory as well. One of the issues with finding a solution is to find a solution that manages your OPD, IPD and Laboratory together.

With MyOPD Laboratory Software, we solve this critical piece of problem. Here are some quick benefits of using an integrated solution:

  • All data in one place, whether your patients visit OPD or IPD or Lab along with Billing
  • Patients get a common UHID using which they can be searched
  • Use from existing list of ready made Laboratory tests provided by us or Add your new tests
  • You don’t need to run around multiple vendors for solution. We are your one place point of contact
  • Leave your staff training to us. We will handle all the details to get your Hospital trained and up to speed
  • Here are some sample reports printed using MyOPD Laboratory Software.

    Sample Blood Sugar Level

    Blood Sugar Sample report

    Sample Hemogram / CBC

    Hemogram Sample Report

    Sample Lipid Profile

    Sample Lipid Profile

    Sample Creatinine

    Sample Creatinine

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    Hospital Management Software – Train Yourself

    One of the important aspects of any Hospital Management Software is the support available for training while using the software.

    At MyOPD, we are continuously improving our videos to help you understand the functionality of the software. You can check these while using the software as well as share with your staff so that it is easier for your staff to use it.

    Here is a link to our YouTube Tutorials:

    Get in touch with us if you are interested! Drop a mail to [email protected]

    MyOPD One-Time Plan vs Subscription Plan

    Introducing MyOPD Subscriptions for Windows Version

    The past year has been really hard on everyone. In these testing times, we are offering you MyOPD Software in a way that was never offered before, ever!

    We are glad to announce MyOPD Subscription for Doctors who feel the one time price is a very high investment to begin with.

    Read through questions below to understand subscription plan and how it compares with one-time option:

    • What is the price I have to pay to start using the MyOPD Windows software with all features and support?
      • Under newly launched MyOPD Subscription plan, you will pay
        • Rs. 3700/year including GST for Doctor only version
        • Rs. 4300/year including GST for Doctor plus Reception version
    • Don’t I have to pay the Rs. 12,980 or Rs. 14,980 charges for Doctor only version and Doctor plus Reception version to begin with?
      • No. Those are one-time plans. You can pay those charges if you are interested in one-time purchase.
    • What is the difference between one-time purchase and subscription plans?
      • With One-Time Purchase –
        • Your first year Annual Maintenance Cost (AMC) is included in the price of software.
        • After first year, even if you do not pay your AMC, the Windows version of the software keeps working. There is no compulsion to purchase the AMC. You will not receive any software updates or support for the software unless you have active AMC.
      • With Subscription Plan –
        • Your AMC is covered for the year you use the software
        • If you do not renew the AMC, you cannot use the software
    • So what is the benefit with subscription?
      • You get top notch software which is already being used in India, Kenya, Jordon, Oman and Iraq with all its features provided in your region
      • You get regular updates of the software for the duration of your subscription period
      • You are covered under support plan provided by MyOPD Support team
      • You get to use MyOPD Windows companion Android app and iOS app along with this Windows version
      • Your initial investment to start with is merely Rs. 3700/year or Rs. 4300/year based on the version you choose. You don’t have to spend Rs. 12,000+ to just get started with software. The one-time amount will be sufficient to sponsor your software needs for 4 to 5 years!
    • Can we convert the subscription plan to one-time later?
      • Yes. However, you will have to purchase the one-time plan in full when you do so.
    • Will I get SMS as a part of subscription?
      • Yes. 500 SMS valid for 1 year will be offered as a part of the package.
    • How do I get started?
      • View our online tutorials at:
      • Checkout trial version of Windows software available for free download on our website
      • Get in touch with us. Send email to [email protected] to know more about the software or if you already know a lot then purchase your subscription of 
      • Subscribe to Doctor only version HERE
      • Subscribe to Doctor plus Reception version HERE
    • Are there subscription plans for MyOPD Beds Hospital version as well?

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    MyOPD ZIP Clinic Software with Dark Mode Theme

    Introducing MyOPD ZIP with Dark Mode

    What is Dark Mode?

    Doctors using MyOPD ZIP for their practice spend most of their time working with MyOPD ZIP app. Looking for long hours at the phone screen could cause strain on eyes.

    MyOPD ZIP now uses the support provided by Android OS to allow Dark Mode in app.

    Using Dark Mode gives less strain on eyes, plus it would save your phone battery while working as major part of screen remains dark without any illumination.

    How to enable Dark Mode on your Android phone?

    1. Open phone Settings
    2. Search for Dark Theme or Dark Mode
    3. You will see this setting under the Display section
    4. Toggle it to Enable / Disable Dark Mode
    5. Once Dark Theme is set for the phone, MyOPD ZIP automatically picks it up and uses it in the app

    MyOPD ZIP Dark Mode – Because we care for your eyes…

    If you haven’t yet tried MyOPD ZIP, download the free trial from Google Playstore at: MyOPD ZIP for Doctors and Clinics

    Choosing the Right Hospital Software or Clinic Software

    Choosing the Right Hospital Software or Clinic Software can be a tricky task.

    There are many thoughts Doctors have in mind about their practice:

    1. I’m comfortable practicing on a PC / Laptop
    2. I am looking for a Basic Clinic / OPD Version. No IPD / Hospital version required.
    3. I’m comfortable practicing on my Android Phone / Tablet or iPAD
    4. Can we both, husband and wife practice using the same software?
    5. Can I practice along with other Doctors in the clinic? Are there extra charges for this?
    6. Will this same version work for my Hospital?
    7. Will this same software work on Laptop as well as mobile?

    Such thoughts can leave you confused

    To simplify the decision making, we have created a tool which will guide you quickly to the type of product you are looking for and the available options we have with us. Based on your selection, it will guide you to the right product in our catalog.

    Give it a try right here at MyOPD Product Selection Form

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    Do I really need Product Support?

    Many Doctors have doubts in their mind about product support. Based on our years of product support, since 2012, we have compiled a list of common support call requests.

    Here are top 5 reasons for having product support:

    1. Handling computer updates and Change of computers:

    2. First there was Windows XP then came Windows 7 then Windows 8 then Windows 8.1 and now Windows 10. Usually software updates from vendors take care of changes in operating system. However, support teams take care of smoothly transitioning you from one OS to another so that you can focus on your work. This is the top most reason we have seen for our customer support.

    3. Computer Crash and Format of computer:

    4. Computer crashes happen randomly. These can be because of issues with operating system upgrades, faulty hardware and so on. Our teams handles such issues so that Doctors can focus on their work while we make sure their software works fine. This is the 2nd most reason for which we get support requests.

    5. Teach me how to use a particular feature:

    6. This is the 3rd top reason we receive requests for. You keep on using the software on a regular basis. Then you want to start using a new feature present in software. Say for e.g: Contactless Payments. The support team explains you the feature so that you can start using it.

    7. Feature not working as expected:

    8. There are situations where things don’t work as expected. In such cases, you need a team to hear your concern and address it. MyOPD Support team talks to Doctors, understands their concerns an provides resolution so that they can move on and keep using software effectively.

    9. Suggesting new Ideas that come to your mind:

    10. In changing world, as you keep on practicing, you get new ideas to be done via software. MyOPD has a way to collect these ideas and implement them in software. To give example: During the COVID Pandemic initial stage of lockdown, we introduced WhatsApp Share feature. This allowed clients to share a PDF Rx via WhatsApp so that patients can get their prescriptions directly on phone, via WhatsApp.

    With MyOPD, you have a team which is dedicated to support the product while you keep practicing with peace of mind. MyOPD’s product support plan is like insurance, you may not need it always. More so, it is better to not need it at all. However, if there is a need, you better be covered!

    Photo by Shane Rounce on Unsplash

    Using MyOPD ZIP for Android on Windows PC


    Prescription printing, Patient Record Management via MyOPD ZIP app for Android now available on Windows PC. Read this article to understand how to use MyOPD ZIP on Windows PC.

    Till recently, MyOPD ZIP – Practice Management app for Doctors was a single device app on Android. It essentially meant, Doctors could use it either on a phone or on a Tablet but not on both at the same time.

    We changed the app recently to allow Doctors to use the app on multiple Android devices. You can get the free trial of the app on Google Playstore at:

    We are also happy to announce that you can use the app on a Windows PC as well. This way, Doctors can use the app on Windows PC and also have the app with them on the phone. The best part is, the app still works in offline first mode. This means, even if you are not connected to internet, the basic app features like Adding a Patient, Visit, Rx printing etc should work.

    Please follow below steps to use MyOPD ZIP for Android on Windows PC:

    1. You need a Windows 7, 8 or 10 PC with at least Intel i3 @ 2 GHz+ or AMD equivalent processor and at least a minimum of 4 GB RAM
    2. Download Bluestacks Android emulator from
    3. Install the Bluestacks Android emulator on your Windows PC
    4. Sign-in to your Google Account
    5. Download MyOPD ZIP app from Google Play
    6. Sign-in to MyOPD ZIP app and start using on Windows PC along with Phone / Tablet.

    You can also check detailed Recommended System Requirements for Bluestacks at

    This type of working suites those Doctors who are comfortable in using PC in front of patients and still want their data on mobile while they are away from the clinic.

    To print the Rx from Windows PC, you would require PrinterShare app from Google Playstore.

    Please note, the printershare app is paid. You can try it for free and then use the paid version.

    If you haven’t tried MyOPD ZIP yet, try it now. It is free to try. Download from Google Playstore at:

    Should you have any questions, feel free to write us an email at [email protected]

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