E-prescription – 4 ways to create one quickly using MyOPD Software

Creating an E Prescription quickly is one of the most important functionalities of any clinic management software. In this article, we will see how Doctors can save time while creating an E Prescription using MyOPD Clinic Management Software.

1. Reuse Previous Doses

When a medicine is prescribed, over a period of time, there are set doses using which it can be issued. Like BD, TDS and so on. When you start using MyOPD Software, MyOPD remembers your previous doses for the medicine. You can simply reuse the medicine along with its entire dose to avoid re-entering it all over again.

Below figure explains this technique:

2. Copy Previous Rx

Copy Previous Rx method is especially useful in case of Chronic Patients. In such cases, the entire Rx from previous visit has to be repeated with minor modifications. MyOPD Software allows to repeat the previous visit Rx in one click. Doctors can then make certain changes like

  • Deleting a medicine that is no more required
  • Replacing a medicine that doesn’t suit with another one
  • Adding more medicines to the list of already existing medicines

Below figure explains this technique:

3. Medicine Templates

At times, certain medical conditions / Diagnosis have fixed treatment plans. MyOPD allows Doctors to define medicine templates linked with Diagnosis so that they can be used to enter quickly. This allows entry of entire medicine list, which may contain say 5 or 10 medicines, in a couple of clicks. This saves immense time because the medicines need not be entered one after the another, one by one.

Below figure explains this technique:

4. Selectively use previous medicines from past Rx

At times, there is a case where Doctors have to repeat selectively medicines given in the past visits. MyOPD allows Doctors to view all such medicines in one view and select them as required.

The entire medicine along with its dose is copied so that the Doctor does not have to keep entering it all over again.

Below figure explains this technique:

How long does it take to create an E-Prescription?

Now that we know all the techniques used by the Doctors while operating MyOPD Clinic Software, how long does it really take to create a single E Prescription?

There is an initial effort involved. In the initial stage, when the medicine list is not setup up and the doses are not added, the time taken will be more.

For a Doctor who has added all medicines and medicine doses in the software, it takes roughly 3.5 minutes to create an entire prescription. It is that simple.

Watch this video explaining the benefits using a single prescription

E-Prescription based Clinic Management System

To understand in detail each and every section of E-Prescription shown in the above video, read Clinic Management System – 5 Advantages explained with a single prescription!

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2 thoughts on “E-prescription – 4 ways to create one quickly using MyOPD Software”

    1. Hi Dr. Ashutosh,

      Thank you very much for going through the article. When we say it takes 3-4 minutes to print a prescription, it includes average time. This includes Doctors who want to capture Complaints, Clinical Findings or possibly add Patient scanned Documents or entering Vitals as well. Some of these tasks can be delegated to reception staff as well.

      If you just focus on Diagnosis, Prescription and Advice, you can simply reuse the prescriptions or prescriptions templates or individual medicine doses as well and certainly write and print a prescription under a minute.

      Thank you!

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