Streamlining Your Clinic with Budget-Friendly Clinic Software

Gone are the days of relying solely on paper charts and appointment books. Clinic software offers a wealth of benefits for doctors and patients alike, but the cost can be a barrier for some practices. Here, we’ll explore how affordable software can transform your clinic’s workflow and address a common concern – maintaining efficiency during patient consultations.

Boost Efficiency, Not Bills:

Many clinics hesitate to adopt software due to budget constraints. Thankfully, the market offers a variety of options designed for budget-conscious practices. These solutions prioritize core functionalities like appointment scheduling, electronic health records (EHR), and billing, ensuring you get the most essential features without breaking the bank. Check out the No. 1 Reason why Doctor’s do not use Clinic Software.

Focus on Your Patients, Not Software:

One of the biggest concerns doctors have with clinic software is the potential disruption to their patient interactions. However, user-friendly software streamlines tasks, not hinders them. Look for solutions that offer intuitive interfaces and quick data entry, allowing you to seamlessly integrate them into your existing workflow.

Here’s how budget-friendly clinic software empowers you to prioritize patient care:

  • Easy Staff Access: A software which is easy for the staff is very useful as it frees up your staff’s time and minimizes patient wait times. Watch these videos to see how your staff can Register Patients and Collect Payments. The staff also hears a Notification Sound when you call the next patient in the cabin.
  • Streamlined Record Keeping: EHRs eliminate the need for bulky paper charts, making patient information readily accessible and improving data accuracy.
  • Efficient Billing: Automated billing ensures timely and accurate claim submissions, reducing administrative burden and improving cash flow.

Beyond the Basics of Clinic Software:

While core features are crucial, budget-friendly software also offer additional functionalities. Look for options that cater to your specific needs, such as:

  • Share Patient Rx over WhatsApp: This allows for remote consultations, expanding your patient reach.
  • Patient App: MyOPD is shortly coming up with App for Patients of Doctors using MyOPD Clinic Software.
  • Inventory Management: Track essential medical supplies and medications.

Making the Switch to Clinic Software:

Transitioning to clinic software doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Choose a provider that offers comprehensive onboarding and training to ensure a smooth user experience for your entire team.

Investing in budget-friendly clinic software is an investment in your practice’s efficiency and patient care. By streamlining your workflow and minimizing administrative tasks, you can dedicate more time to what matters most – providing excellent care to your patients.

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Are Fake Prescriptions on the Rise?

Let’s start with examining some statistics. The picture below shows the trends of Google Searches for “Fake Prescription” and “Clinic Software”.

You can view such trends at We ran this trend search for “fake prescription” and “clinic software” on 5th April 2024 keeping Geographical region as India. The data seen here is for the past 12 months. You can run the same Google Trends check for previous 12 months HERE

What do the results show?

  1. As seen, the number of searches done for Clinic Software are almost equal to the number of searches being done for Fake Prescriptions.
  2. There are people out there who want to create Fake Prescriptions and submit them at work or other places for medical reasons.

Should I as a Doctor be concerned about this?

If such a Fake Prescription is created by anyone using the name of the Doctor, then the Doctor would need a way to prove that the Rx is indeed not theirs. The good news is, if the Doctor is already using an EMR Software or a Clinic Software, proving is very easy. If this Rx does not appear in your software, it was not issued by you, simple.

How are Fake Prescriptions created?

Anyone with basic knowledge of using Word processor or Spreadsheet could create a Fake Prescription that can be printed and made to look legitimate. Plus, many software products, including MyOPD, offer free trial to Doctors. Anyone can download such a free version and create a printed prescription.

How can Doctors protect themselves?

Make sure you follow these best practices while using your Clinic Software in general:

  1. Your EMR Software already captures the digital record of your prescription. If you haven’t issued any prescription similar to the person creating a fake prescription, then it was simply not issued by you.
  2. Always make sure you stamp and sign the Prescription. It just makes it somewhat harder for the Fake prescription creator as they now need to have a stamp like your Clinic’s stamp.
  3. Sensitize the Pharmacy People to check back with you when they receive suspicious prescriptions under your name that don’t make sense.
  4. Always have a strong password with at least 15 characters with a mix of Special Characters and Upper and Lower cases while using EMR Software.
  5. Never tell your password to anyone. Never share the OTPs you receive on your apps with anyone.
  6. Always keep your OS patched up to latest versions. Use good quality Antivirus Softwares.
  7. Never click on any suspicious links received from known / unknown contacts. When you do so, hackers might be able to gain access of your devices remotely.
  8. Always keep the Software products to the latest versions that are released to the market. There are various issues that are fixed to keep the software up to date and current.

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Why March is the Perfect Time for Hospital Software!

Looking to improve efficiency and boost patient satisfaction at your Clinic or Hospital using Clinic Management Software or Hospital Management Software? March might be the ideal time to invest in software solutions!

We’ve put together a short video explaining why March is a strategic time to make the switch to clinic or hospital software. In the video, we’ll cover:

  • Reduced Patient Load: March often sees a dip in patient volume, making it a smooth time to implement a new system without disrupting workflows.
  • Fresh Financial Year: Starting with software in March allows you to capture all patient and billing data seamlessly from the beginning of your new financial year.
  • Increased Efficiency: Discover how software can streamline tasks, improve staff productivity, and ultimately enhance patient care.

Click the link below to watch the video and learn more about the benefits of implementing clinic or hospital software in March:

Why March is the best time to invest in Clinic Management Software and Hospital Management Software?

Download the free trial by visiting

Budget Friendly Clinic Software, Hospital Software

Are you looking for a Budget Friendly Clinic Software / Hospital Software?

Are you looking for a Clinic Software / Hospital Software that caters to your requirements without hurting your pocket?

Are you looking for a Clinic Software / Hospital Software that really works in the cases you plan to use in your Clinic / Hospital?

Budget Friendly MyOPD Clinic & Hospital Software

Checkout the budget friendly Pricing plans of MyOPD Clinic Software and Pricing Plans for MyOPD Hospital Software.

Want to use a lighter version of Clinic Software on your Android Phone / Tablet? Check MyOPD ZIP Android app.

Please note, MyOPD ZIP App works on Android Phones/Tablet and does not have the Hospital Module.

If you are interested to function with a Windows Desktop / Laptop or want to use the Hospital Module, choose MyOPD Clinic & Hospital Software Windows Version. Download Free trial of MyOPD Windows Version from our website

Appointment Booking solution for Clinic

We developed MyOPD ZIP Android app for Doctors as a simple app for Clinic Management based on Android phones. Let’s see how Appointment Booking with MyOPD ZIP will assist Doctors to simplify the Appointment booking aspect of Clinic Management.

With MyOPD ZIP, Doctors can ask allow their reception staff to book appointments for patients who call their clinic number. The best part is, your staff can operate the app from their Android phone to book appointments.

How is MyOPD ZIP different for appointment booking?

  1. Works directly on reception staff’s Android phone. No need to buy another phone for your staff to start using it.
  2. Allows staff member to book the appointment even when they are offline. When the phone goes online, the booking will be uploaded to server.
  3. Allows the Doctor to see the list of appointments on Doctor’s Android device, no matter where the Doctor is.
  4. Allows the Doctor to provide a calling number and have the staff talk to patients before giving them the appointments. The staff can be anywhere and can receive the call in clinic times or otherwise.
  5. Comes at a price that won’t hurt your pocket.

Download the free trial of MyOPD ZIP Android app from Google Playstore.

Prescription Printing with Generic Names

MyOPD Clinic Software allows Doctors to print a prescription by including their generic names / generic salts in the medicine. This article will show you a sample of one such prescription.

We have already covered many sample prescriptions at

In case you want to view Prescriptions in different languages or with multiple formats or sections in the prescription, please view the above link.

Here is a sample of prescription with Generic Salts included


This prescription can be printed on plain paper or your own letter head as well.

You can print the prescription with either Trade Name, Generic Name or Both.

Above prescription was printed using MyOPD Clinic Software’s Windows Version.

Want to print a similar prescription? Signup at or Download the app on Google Play or Check Quick E-Prescription. Check the help articles of MyOPD Clinic Software. Have questions? WhatsApp Us.

Hello Doctor, Are people recommending you?

The Problem

An important aspect of growing your practice is having Happy Patients.

Happy Patients usually take following actions:

  • Recommend you to others
  • Leave generous reviews on your social media handles
  • Follow you / your Hospital / your clinic on Social Media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Many times, we really don’t know if people are really recommending us to their friends. Here is one way where MyOPD Clinic and Hospital Software solves this issue for your Clinic / Hospital.

When you start using MyOPD Software, you also get an Online Web Presence page that we provide. Read more about this feature at Doctor Web Page – MyOPD™ Updates

This individual webpage for Doctors has information about Doctor’s Degree, Clinic Address, Timings and so on. We have provided an easy way for visitors to share this page with their friends and family.

This page can be easily shared via WhatsApp, Facebook and multiple other options provided.

Is Anyone sharing my page?

MyOPD provides Doctors with stats to check the page sharing activity. This way, Doctors know that their page is shared by patients. Without that, you have no idea whether your page / website is really working for you or not.

All the best!

Why does India celebrate Doctors’ Day on 1st July?

Here is an important piece of information about Doctors’ Day.

We have an International Doctors’ Day as well which falls on 30th March of every year. Plus, Doctors’ Day is celebrated on different dates in different countries.

Doctor’s Day in India is celebrated on July 1st to honor the birth and death anniversary of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy. Dr. Roy was a renowned physician and the second Chief Minister of West Bengal, India. He was born on July 1, 1882, and passed away on the same date in 1962.

Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy made significant contributions to the field of medicine and played a vital role in the development of healthcare in India. He was instrumental in establishing various medical institutions and implementing several healthcare reforms. In recognition of his immense contributions and selfless service to society, the Government of India designated July 1st as Doctor’s Day to commemorate his achievements and express gratitude to the medical fraternity for their invaluable services to the nation.

Check the below WikiPedia article to check the date on which Doctors’ Day is celebrated in other countries.

Source: WikiPedia

Super Fast way to create Discharge Summary

Hospital Staff have a hard time managing patients and creating the required documents like Hospital Bill, Discharge Card and so on.

To solve this issue, we have introduced Templatized Discharge Summaries. Many a times, the Discharge Summary is usually the same for similar type of Diagnosis. These repetitiveness of Discharge Summary is used to our benefit while creating the template. This avoids recurring entry of same data by the staff.

See how quickly a Discharge Summary can be created:

This solution just gives a way for the staff to carefully draft the Discharge Summary based on treatment course in the hospital without missing out on any details. The Discharge Summary can be freely changed from patient to patient as necessary. However, the repetitive items in the Discharge Summary can be reviewed and then kept or removed or modified based on case by case basis.


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#1 Reason why Doctors don’t use Clinic Software

At MyOPD, we have been working with Doctors providing them Clinic Software since the year 2012.

While many Doctors have good intent to use a clinic software in their practice, to generate an Electronic Medical Record (EMR), only some are able to put that to actual use.

The most important reasons why Doctors are unable to use an EMR system is because they cannot keep up with the flow of patients while using the software.

At MyOPD, we are constantly working on improving the experience for our Doctors and also for easier adoption of the product for our new clients.

Do you want to change?

Watch the video below to see how a prescription is generated in 2 Minutes:


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