Hospital Software Pricing in USD

MyOPD’s Hospital Management Software includes OPD as well as IPD software. In this post we explain the pricing of MyOPD Hospital Management Software for International clients. MyOPD Software works best for Hospitals having 5 Beds to 50 Beds. It involves modules like OPD Registration with UHID, IPD Admission, Discharge, IPD Billing and so on.

If you are based in India, you can instead check the prices in INR at

Here are the different plans we have for Hospital Management Software.

Option 1: Unlimited Plan / One-Time Plan

  • In this plan, there is not restriction on the number of patient admissions in IPD.
  • You are covered under support plan and you also get software updates in the first year.
  • There is also no compulsion to pay the yearly AMC to use the software.
  • You can use the software in IPD without paying the AMC as well.
  • If you do not pay AMC, you will not get software updates, support and online services like SMS reminders etc.
  • However, your regular tasks in OPD and IPD will continue offline.

Unlimited Plan, One-Time Plan, Rate

Unlimited PlanFirst Year PriceOptional AMC from Next Year
No limit on Patient AdmissionsUSD 500USD 90 for 1 year
All prices including taxes
  • Product Updates and Support are available only if you have an active AMC.
  • 1st Year AMC is covered in the one-time cost of the product

Option 2: Pay As You Go Plans

  • In Pay As You Go Plan, the OPD portion of the software keeps working without any yearly charge. However, you have to pay yearly charge to use the IPD portion.
  • So the basic difference between Pay As You Go and Subscription plan is that OPD version works for lifetime.
  • If you intend to use the software on more than 3 computers, you can choose from Pay As You Go Plan.

Pay As You Go Plan Rates

Pay As You Go Plan OptionsFirst Year PriceAMC from Next Year
120 Admissions for 1 year USD 320USD 100/year
250 Admissions for 1 year USD 340USD 115/year
500 Admissions for 1 yearUSD 370USD 130/year
All prices including taxes
  • With Pay As You Go Plan, you get all the benefits of the software (OPD + IPD) at a fixed yearly charge which you need to pay if you want to continue using the IPD portion of the software.
  • You are free to change your yearly quota during the next AMC recharge. Any unused quota of admissions from last year will be carried forward after the recharge.
  • OPD portion of the software keeps working without the yearly charge.

Get in touch with us today to understand what will work best for you. Be assured that we will suggest you an option that will work the best for you. In case our solution does not fit your requirements, we will tell you so.

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