Clinic Software Pricing Explained

MyOPD’s Clinic Software for Doctors includes EMR, Billing and so on.

Here are the different plans we have for Clinic Software.

Subscription Plan

  • Subscription plan allows you to start using the Clinic software with less initial investment and an yearly charge.

Subscription Plan Rates

Subscription Plan OptionsPer Year Pricing
Doctor only version Rs. 3,700
Doctor plus Reception Version Rs. 4,300
All prices include 18% GST
  • With Subscription plan, you get all the benefits of the software (OPD + IPD) at a reduced yearly charge.
  • You are free to change your yearly quota during the next recharge. Any unused quota of admissions from last year will be carried forward after the recharge.
  • Yearly payment is necessary to keep using the software for both, OPD and IPD.

One-Time with Optional Yearly AMC

  • With One-Time plans, the software keeps working without any yearly charge. First year Annual Maintenance Charge (AMC) is covered in the cost.
  • Yearly payment after the first year is only required if you are interested in AMC. AMC is required if you want software updates, support, MyOPD Desktop Companion Android App, SMS Services and Cloud Backup
  • So the basic difference between One-Time and Subscription plan is that OPD version works for lifetime with the One-Time Plan. Read more about the comparisons at

One-Time with Optional Yearly AMC Rates

One-Time Plan OptionsFirst Year PriceOptional AMC from Next Year
MyOPD Doctor only Version Rs. 14,980Rs. 3,700/year
MyOPD Doctor plus Reception Version Rs. 15,980Rs. 4,300/year
All prices include 18% GST

Get in touch with us today to understand what will work best for you. Be assured that we will suggest you an option that will work the best for you. In case our solution does not fit your requirements, we will tell you so.

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