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Multi Language Prescriptions in MyOPD

Our cities are growing and so are people speaking different languages living in the same neighborhoods.

Take for example Mumbai or Navi Mumbai a classic cosmopolitan city. Here, people speak English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati predominantly. Doctors using MyOPD are armed with prescriptions in local language making the patient feel at ease when it comes to understanding prescriptions.

So when Deshmukh Saheb visits a Doctor and asks for a prescription in Marathi, Doctors set this choice for him. Whenever Deshmukh Saheb visits the Doctor again, MyOPD silently tells Doctor about the prescription language choice of Deshmukh Saheb and prints a Marathi prescription. Similarly, Manojbhai prefers a Gujarati prescription and Pandeyji prefers Hindi.

MyOPD is probably the only software as of now in the market that allows Doctors to set individual patient preferences for prescription language. This is one of our many subtle features which helps Doctors daily during their practice.

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