January 2015

Doctors, Your Data is invaluable!

We were having a regular day at office. Thinking about what to do next for our Doctors and discussion around multiple possibilities.

Dr. Manoj Katariya, Manas Hospital, Pune
Dr. Manoj Katariya – using MyOPD Software since 2012

A frantic call from Dr. Manoj Katariya, one of our client set the tone for the day.  Dr. Katariya’s computer was refusing to start. Dr. Katariya was worried about his practice data. Rightly so, he had just finished entering around 5000+ patients and multiple visits in them. The computer was shown to the hardware vendor. The guy recommended a format. Rarely have I seen guys troubleshooting the system and resolving an issue without a format. Format seems to be the easiest way out to fix a problem.

Clinic Software Tamil Nadu Version

MyOPD clinic software Tamil Nadu version

Tamil Nadu
Tamil Nadu

On the occasion of Pongal, we are happy to announce the availability of MyOPD clinic software Tamil Nadu version. This version has Tamil Language based Prescriptions. Doctors in Tamil Nadu can print their prescriptions in Tamil Language making it easy for people in Tamil Nadu to understand the prescription better.

Below is a sample print of Tamil prescription:

Tamil Prescription
Tamil Language Prescription

You can print it on your own letter head or along with the Doctor and clinic name.
Other languages supported by MyOPD are English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati and Kannada.

Read This to know more about MyOPD clinic software. Here is what you need to know while selecting a vendor for your clinic software.

So what are you waiting for? Join the increasing community of Doctors using MyOPD in their clinics for practice. Start you free trial by signing up HERE

About MyOPD: MyOPD is a Software for Doctors in India. You are always welcome to see ifMyOPD satisfies your requirement. You can download the software directly from 
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