Hello Doctor, Are people recommending you?

The Problem

An important aspect of growing your practice is having Happy Patients.

Happy Patients usually take following actions:

  • Recommend you to others
  • Leave generous reviews on your social media handles
  • Follow you / your Hospital / your clinic on Social Media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Many times, we really don’t know if people are really recommending us to their friends. Here is one way where MyOPD Clinic and Hospital Software solves this issue for your Clinic / Hospital.

When you start using MyOPD Software, you also get an Online Web Presence page that we provide. Read more about this feature at Doctor Web Page – MyOPD™ Updates

This individual webpage for Doctors has information about Doctor’s Degree, Clinic Address, Timings and so on. We have provided an easy way for visitors to share this page with their friends and family.

This page can be easily shared via WhatsApp, Facebook and multiple other options provided.

Is Anyone sharing my page?

MyOPD provides Doctors with stats to check the page sharing activity. This way, Doctors know that their page is shared by patients. Without that, you have no idea whether your page / website is really working for you or not.

All the best!