Announcements and Clinic Updates

We have already covered SMS Reminders for Patients in MyOPD Clinic Software in our earlier blog post Types of SMS for Patients using MyOPD Clinic Management Software – MyOPD™ Updates

This article talks specifically about cases where Doctors want to send Bulk SMS updates to patients. The picture below highlights some of these use cases.

Case 1: Doctor Not available in the Clinic

This is the most common use case. Doctors often have to go to medical conferences or go on vacations. Patients end up visiting clinics in these times. This type of SMS helps Doctors to inform patients beforehand regarding their unavailability.

Case 2: Visiting Doctor available in Clinic / Hospital on a particular day

Many Hospitals have specialists visiting them on certain days in a month. Many Doctors themselves visit different cities for their personal OPD consultations. This type of SMS can be used to inform patients about the availability of visiting Doctors. Patients can call the appointment number in SMS so that the appointments are lined up before the Doctor visits.

Case 3: Update to Clinic Timings

Lockdowns have now become realities. In such cases, there could be changes to the timing for which clinic operates. Inform patients of the change in your clinic timings. However, usually, this case is not that often compared to the 2 other cases mentioned above.

Case 4: Change in clinic address

This is a rare scenario. However, when it happens, you would need this feature the most. Informing patients about the new location via SMS is in the best interest of the Doctor as well as the patient.

MyOPD Software allows you to send such SMS to your patients at a click of a button. Improved patient care in terms of service from the clinic is a need of the hour as well. MyOPD helps you in this aspect of your practice as well.

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