Physician Software

Do Physicians really need Physician Software?

As a physician do you really thing that software is a requirement?

If your answer is No, we encourage you to read further. If your answer is yes, well, you are already convinced about using it. However, you may still continue to understand our point of view.

5 Reasons Physicians need a Physician Software

1. Printed Prescriptions and their advantages

Clearly written printed Prescriptions look way professional than handwritten prescriptions. Writing a prescription by hand can also be time consuming as many times same instructions for medicines, their dosages, advices have to be rewritten for different patients.

Chronic patients simply need repeat prescriptions with minor modifications if any. EMR Software offers clear advantage in repeat medicine entry.

Doctors also have these records handy at one place in the Software during the next consultation with the patient.

MyOPD Software offers 4 Different Ways to create a Prescription saving enormous time for Doctors.

Also take a look at our article explaining 5 Advantages of EMR explained using a Single Prescription. Almost all EMR software provide these advantages these days.

2. Prescriptions in Regional Languages

Cities have become a hub of multi-lingual people. As a result Doctors see patients with different mother tongue. EMR Software assists you to print Rx in the language that the patient will understand best.

Check few Sample Prescription Documents in multiple languages generated using MyOPD Software

Some of the Prescriptions shown in the above link are simply impossible to create using a handwritten Prescription.

3. Tracking Outstanding Payments of Patients

We have come across Doctors who give credit to their patients because patients may not have the right method to pay at the time of consultation. While that is really good, tracking the balance amount to be paid by the patient can help Doctors inform the patient about the actual amount to pay during the next visit.

Physician Software allow Doctors to take care of this aspect of the Practice as well.

4. Automated Reminder System

Follow-ups are an inherent part of any Physician’s practice. However, many Patients simply forget to visit the Doctor again because they did not remember the date of next visit.

Physician software have a built in Reminder system that allow patients to be informed over SMS or WhatsApp automatically. So even if you have 2 follow-ups or 50 follow-ups for the day, the Software will do the job of sending automated reminder messages.

This helps Patients get timely check-up. It also helps increase the patient follow-up compliance for the Doctor.

5. Transparency in Practice

Last and the most important point of using a Physician Software is bringing transparency in the practice. Almost everything you enter is documented.

  • If a patient needs an old prescription print again, you have it.
  • If they need Payment Receipt, you can give it.
  • Medical Certificates, Fitness Certificates and other Documents can all be issued at ease.
  • Outstanding payments are tracked
  • Prescriptions can be sent as PDFs to patients
  • And much more is possible simply because you have digitized your practice.

MyOPD offers you a way to check if your requirements match with what we have to offer. You can download a free trial of MyOPD Clinic Software from our website

MyOPD Software works best for Physicians who are more interested in managing their EMRs thoroughly.