Sample Prescriptions and other Documents

Prescription format is important when it comes to using a Clinic Management System because printed prescription is the most important output of such a system. MyOPD Clinic Management Software supports a variety of prescription format giving Doctors flexibility to print the prescription in a variety of different ways.

Below are Sample Prescriptions printed via MyOPD Windows Version Software. Prescriptions in MyOPD are highly configurable giving you choice of including / excluding sections while printing. You may choose to include/exclude

  • Diagnosis, Complaints, Clinical Findings, Vitals, Investigation, Advice, Patient Barcode
  • Trade Names with or without Generic Names
  • UPI Payment Code
  • Clinic Logo, Clinic Name, Doctor Name, 2nd Doctor Name
  • Doctor’s signature
  • Print style 1-0-1 or a detailed style like given below and much more…
  • Scroll to end to view Medical Certificate and Fitness Certificate
  • Sample Prescription English

    Prescription Format English Rx

    Sample Prescription English – Detailed

    Prescription Format English Detailed Rx

    Sample Prescription Hindi

    Prescription Format Hindi Rx

    Sample Prescription Marathi

    Prescription Format Marathi Rx

    Sample Prescription Gujarati

    Prescription Format Gujarati Rx

    Sample Prescription Telugu

    Prescription Format Telugu Rx

    Sample Prescription Tamil

    Prescription Format Tamil Rx

    Sample Prescription Kannada

    Prescription Format Kannada Rx

    Sample Prescription Malayalam

    Prescription Format Malayalam Rx

    Sample Prescription Bengali

    Prescription Format Bengali Rx

    Sample Prescription Punjabi

    Prescription Format Punjabi Rx

    Sample Prescription Odia

    Prescription Format Odia Rx

    Sample Eyeglass Prescription

    Prescription Format Eyeglass Rx

    Sample Medical Certificate

    Prescription Format Medical Certificate

    Sample Fitness Certificate

    Prescription Format Fitness Certificate

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    2 thoughts on “Sample Prescriptions and other Documents”

    1. I am checking now trial version in my laptop ….unable to add clinic logo, unable to change the format .
      Mobile version looking better than laptop ….

      1. Hi Dr. Sunil, Thank you for checking MyOPD Software. The trial version you have downloaded is an older version. We will send you email with trial having option to set the Clinic logo on Rx. Regards.

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