Who was MyOPD ZIP’s first client?

Dr. Yogesh Jumrani from Sangli, Maharashtra.
First client of MyOPD ZIP on Android since May 2017

MyOPD™ Practice Management App also known as MyOPD ZIP was first released on Android smartphone in May 2017.

Your first client is always special because he trusts you with his money when nobody else has ever bought your product or services.

While we still had our Windows version in Market since 2012, Dr. Yogesh Jumrani a General Practitioner from Sangli in Maharasthra, India was the first to opt for a pure Mobile based version.

Now, after 3 years of use of the product, here is Dr. Jumrani in discussion with our team describing his experience and the reason why he chose MyOPD ZIP.

Team MyOPD: When did you buy MyOPD ZIP app?
Dr. Jumrani: 2017

Team MyOPD: Are you using MyOPD ZIP Android app in your clinic everyday?
Dr. Jumrani: Yes

Team MyOPD: Which is the device (Tablet model number) and printer you use?
Dr. Jumrani: Samsung J Max Tab and Samsung SL-M2021 series Printer

Team MyOPD: Why did you decide to choose MyOPD ZIP app? Did you check other apps as well before making the decision?
Dr. Jumrani: Yes I had checked with other app’s nd software’s also before starting the use of My OPD ZIP app

Team MyOPD: How is the reaction of the patients when they see you using a Tablet?
Dr. Jumrani: Yes many patients compliment me that’s a good use of technology. I have the complete details of the patient nd they have the printed Prescription from wifi connected printer

Team MyOPD: How long does it take for you to complete one patient’s case using the app?
Dr. Jumrani: Hardly it takes a minute or two

Team MyOPD: How different is your practice now compared to when you were not using the app?
Dr. Jumrani: Now with use of Software, I have the complete history and previous follow up detail’s of patients on my hands now. It also creates a positive impact on patient when on follow up i ask them about previous visited symptoms.

Team MyOPD: How has been your experience with the updates and support you have got over the years?
Dr. Jumrani: My OPD is truly an amazing app and I am very much satisfied
Nd ur timely update tells how much dedicated ur team is to make it more user friendly nd satisfy ur customers. I suppose My OPD Zip is best of its kind in Medical Software Field

Team MyOPD: Thank you very much Dr. Jumrani for interacting with us.
Dr. Jumrani: My Pleasure.

Now after 3 years continuous effort

  • MyOPD ZIP has paid clients in India, Sri Lanka, Philippines and Indonesia.
  • It is one of the top rated and top selling app in Google Play store
  • Has regular feature updates based on feedback given by Doctors with top notch support
  • Top notch support
  • Pocket friendly pricing plans. Choose from monthly or yearly or one-time purchase options
  • Download the free trial of MyOPD Practice Management App today. All it takes is five minutes. So get started and change the way you practice.

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