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MyOPD on iOS

Wish you a Happy Holi

MyOPD on iOS Landscape

MyOPD on iOS Landscape

This Holi marks a special day for us. We got excellent response to our MyOPD ZIP Practice management app on Android. It has more than 9000+ downloads as we write this article.

After the success of our Android version, we are happy to announce that we are releasing the iOS version. The iOS version is under review and if all goes well, should be out in the next couple of days.

We are hugely excited for this new development and would like to share this with you.

Here is another preview of the MyOPD ZIP on iPad in Portrait mode.

MyOPD on iOS Portrait

Stay tuned for updates on this space.

MyOPD ZIP Never Before offer

Special Offer for MyOPD ZIP

Get the Premium Version of MyOPD ZIP just at Rs. 10,500/ Rs. 5,500/-.
Purchase Premium Version before 23rd March to get this price.
Yes, we are offering you Premium version for the price of Starter Pack!
Hurry, this offer expires on 24th March 2019.

Will MyOPD ZIP App suit you?

ZIP app will suit you if you are interested in

  • Rx printing directly from your Mobile or Tablet
  • Take photo of written Rx and store it for your future reference
  • One time payment option
  • Using your SmartPhone or Tablet to practice without a PC
  • Keeping track of outstanding payments from your patients
  • Take photos of X-Rays, Attach PDF documents to patient’s file
  • Printing Medical Certificate, Referral Letter using your Mobile
  • Lifetime updates with one-time payment

ZIP will not suit you if

  • You are Gynecologist.
  • You want to maintain stock medicines that you dispense and want to keep track of it
  • You want to use the software along with Reception staff
  • Want to use the Computer to practice rather than SmartPhone or Tablet
  • You have a small nursing home and plan to have software for it as well
  • Want to manage Appointments and sent Appointment reminders
  • For these requirements, we have Windows + Android option for you.

Are you using latest MyOPD ZIP App?

Tap the Google Play icon to check if you have the latest version.

How to buy?

Click on “GET PREMIUM” button from within MyOPD ZIP App. You can pay using Debit Card / Credit Card / Net Banking.

Why MyOPD ZIP App?

  • One of the Top Grossing app on Google Play Store
  • Excellent Customer reviews
  • Fantastic Support
  • More than 5000+ Downloads on Google Play Store
  • Active clients in India, Philippines, Indonesia
  • One time Payment

You may also try the Windows version

Download Windows version by visiting using your Windows PC. There are no special prices for Windows version.


We are there to help. Call us on 09423-380-390 or send a mail to [email protected]

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MyOPD ZIP – Compare Packs

MyOPD Zip Logo

Here are the available options to purchase MyOPD ZIP:

Option 1 => Starter Pack: No monthly, annual charges. 

We often got requests from Doctors to create a simple Prescription printing app. An app allowing Doctors to neatly print or share a prescription with their patients. For such Doctors, all other functionality was not required. So the Premium Pack was not their requirement.

Starter Pack allows Doctors to:

  • Capture Patient Medical Data: Capture Complaints, Vitals (Height, Weight, BP, BSL and much more), Clinical Findings, Investigations, Diagnosis, Rx, Advice to Patient, Follow-up Date.
  • Add Medicines: Add your own medicines as you practice. Get suggestions on reusing the same medicine. Group multiple medicines together to prescribe in one tap using the template feature. Copy Medicines and conditions from last visit to avoid entry time.
  • Print/Share a professional looking Rx: Print the Rx for Patient on plain paper or your own letter head.
  • Rx in Multiple Languages: Print/Share Rx instructions in the language of your patient. MyOPD ZIP currently supports these languages – English, Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, Punjabi, Odia, Arabic and Urdu. Patients understand the Rx better with the language they know best.
  • Print/Share Referral Letter: In case you have to Refer the Patient to other Doctor.
  • Print/Share Medical Certificate: Print a professional looking leave of absence certificate for the patients.
  • Unlimited Patients: No limit on the number of patients you can enter
  • One visit per patient: So you can enter a new visit and check the details of the last visit of patient. Referral Letter or Medical Certificate issued in latest visit of a patient will be stored.
  • Works offline: Continuous internet connectivity is not required. Works offline too.
  • One time payment: Simple pricing. Payments processed by Google and are entirely safe. No hidden charges. No monthly or annual charges. Use as much as you want for the features we support under Starter Pack.
  • Excellent Memory management: MyOPD ZIP handles space smartly. You can easily enter around 10,000 patients typed data without an issue.
  • Handle Device change: Allows you to change your device without buying the app again. Please note though, your data is backed up on secure cloud only when you go online. So ensure the old data is backed up before the change of device. In any case, changing one’s phone or tablet is a once in a year activity.

Option 2 => Premium Pack:  No monthly, annual charges

For Doctors who want more. Premium Pack has everything in Starter Pack Plus:

  • Unlimited Visits per Patient: Store every encounter with the patient. See all previous visit details with Premium Pack. Starter Pack stores latest visit only.
  • Vital Trends: View trend charts for Blood Pressure, BSLs, Height, Weight, Sr. Creatinine and more…
  • Capture Patient Photos: Before and After photos can be added and searched with ease. With a tap, new patients can be shown similar cases handled in the past.
  • Attach PDFs: Documents you get from labs can be easily added against the patient. Please note, photos and documents take more space than regular details entered by typing.
  • Outstanding Payments: Doctors lose a lot of money because they don’t whom they have given credit. Do not let this happen
  • Print/Share Payment Receipts: Create Itemised Receipts based on Services rendered in the clinic – Consultation, Dressing, Vaccination etc.
  • Send SMS Reminders with Phone SIM: Remind your patients at the right time of vaccination, ultrasound or a check-up. Get complete control by choosing the SIM you want to use for sending SMS. Note: SMS are sent a day before the actual date of Follow-up. So when you are testing this feature with trial, enter the Follow-up date 2 days later.
  • Group SMS: Group patients and send them a common update via SMS.

MyOPD ZIP turns your phone or tablet into a powerhouse which is put to real use in your area of expertise.

How to Buy?

Tap on ‘Get Premium‘ button within MyOPD ZIP App. Choose the right version. Complete the payment using Credit/Debit Card or Net Banking.

Should you have any questions, simply reply back to this email.

Our contact details for your reference are:
Email: [email protected]

Finally, we would like to thank you for giving us an opportunity to service you.
If you are not interested in future emails from us, simply reply back stating so. We will not bother you again.

Tap below to check if you are using the latest updated app.


Thank you,
Team MyOPD

Generic Drugs Prescription: Are you Ready?

Generic Drugs Prescription

Prescribing Generic Drugs


Welcome to the world of Generic Drugs. Over the last few days, we have been receiving lots of inquiries about the ability of MyOPD to print Molecule names along with Trade Names. So where Does MyOPD Stand?


MyOPD will allow the Doctors to enter the Generic Names along with Trade Names and Print them in the Prescription. Here are the Benefits Doctor Get by using MyOPD:

  • Print a clear prescription with Trade Names and or Generic Names along with it
  • Crystal clear instructions to Patients about how to take the medication
  • Print prescription on your own letter head or a plain paper
  • Print prescription in the language the patient understands. MyOPD supports English, Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Punjabi, Bengali and Urdu
  • No need to lookup generic composition every time while prescribing a trade name
  • Save time and energy while writing lengthy prescriptions, repeatedly for one or many prescriptions

Start using MyOPD for your clinic today.

About MyOPD: MyOPD is a Software for Doctors. Start your FREE Trial today! You can download the software directly from and try it out. Drop a mail to [email protected] and we will be happy to help.

Dermatology Software

Why would Dermatologists need a Dermatology Software? Let’s see.

One of the challenges Dermatologists face is, the prescription is very descriptive. It is detailed and contains lots of instructions for the patient.

Writing these instructions for each medicine, over and over, for every patient is a tedious task. Want to change?

Enter MyOPD. Here we give you a quick and fast way to issue prescription without much hassle. Patients get benefited by understanding well written printed prescriptions which also increase patient’s comfort level with you.

Here is one such sample prescription generated from MyOPD Dermatology Software:

Dermatology Prescription software

Example Prescription for Dermatologists

As you can see, additional instructions for medicine, along with times at which the medicine should be taken can be printed using MyOPD Software. Plus, there are ways to print this prescription really super fast to save your time.

So what are you waiting for? Start you free trial on MyOPD by signing up HERE

Get on to a never ending journey of using technology and get the MyOPD Experience. Get in touch with us if you have additional questions.

About MyOPD: MyOPD is a Software for Doctors in India. You are always welcome to see ifMyOPD satisfies your requirement. You can download the software directly from and try it out. Drop a mail to [email protected]and we will be happy to help.