What is a Hospital Management System?


Hospital Management System

A Hospital Management System allows handling, tracking and automating various functions in a Hospital.
With regular use of a Hospital Management System, administration in the hospital relies less on paper and more on software. This reduces the need to preserve records in paper files and rely more and more on software system.

Patient Registration

Patient registration activity is usually done by the Reception staff or Frontdesk staff. Hospital Management Software should assist the Frontdesk staff to quickly register patients, book appointments for consultants and handle the OPD Billing. During registration, Hospital Management System should generate an Unique Hospital Identification ID also known as UHID. Searching of Patient in the software should be possible using this UHID.

OPD Consultation

Patient Visits a Doctor during OPD Consultation. Hospital Management System should allow Doctors to record the interaction with the patient and allow prescription printing.. Doctors should be able to lookup patient’s past record during follow-up even if the patient has not brought the case papers. At this stage, Doctors may refer the patient for further investigations or give a printed prescription. In case of severe condition of patient, the Patient may be admitted to the Hospital. Hospital Management software should allow quick transfer of Patient from OPD to IPD. 

Not all Doctors can type and enter patient’s case. In such cases, the OPD staff should be able to print a case paper with patient’s details so that the Doctor can then use the paper to make entry.

Medical Certificate, Fitness Certificate, Consent Forms

During the course of OPD Consultation, patients may require Medical Certificate for leave of absence, Fitness Certificate for Job or Surgery or a competition or various consent forms. A software system should allow Doctors to print these certificates and forms with ease.  

Hospital Admission

When the patient is to be admitted, Hospital Management System should capture the condition of the patient correctly. In case the patient admission is a medico legal case, entry of such details during patient admission should be possible. The staff should be able to allocate an available bed based on the patient’s preference. Doctor under which the patient will be admitted should be captured.

Daily Treatment Notes & Daily Vital Monitoring

During the hospital stay of patient, Doctors visit the patient regularly. Nursing staff attend to the patient at regular intervals. Hospital Management Software should allow entry and review of Daily Treatment given by Doctor and Daily vital monitoring done by the nursing staff. 

Hospital Billing

Financial transactions keep on happening during the stay of the patient. Patient or their relatives give advances whereas Hospital offers services. The important part here is to track how much the patient is paying and how much the hospital is charging. A good Hospital Management System allows tracking of both. Charges may differ based on the Bed or the type of service – Emergency, Regular. Plus, their could be discounts that the Hospital may offer. A transparent bill highlighting all the services, their rates go a long way to explain patients the charges they incurred during their hospital stay. The Final Hospital Bill given by the Hospital is also used by Insurance companies while settling the claims of the patients.

Handle Discharge Process

It is important for the patient to have a clearly written Discharge summary which will explain the reason for Hospitalization. Hospital Management Systems should ensure that Doctors do not miss important information while generating these final Discharge Summaries. These Discharge Summaries are also used by Insurance Companies for claim settlements. Once the patient is discharged, the allocated bed would become available again for the next patient. 

Lab Software Integration

If the Hospital also has an in house Laboratory, the Hospital Management System would also integrate with the Lab Management System. This allows integrated view of data from the Laboratory to  the Hospital.  

Pharmacy Software Integration

If the Hospital has an attached pharmacy, integration with pharmacy also allows Doctors and staff to see live stock of medicines while prescribing.

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