August 2021

Online Appointment Booking Solution for Doctors and Clinics

Are you looking for a mobile or Tablet based Clinic Management System with Online Appointment Booking? Your search ends here.

In the month of April 2021, we launched a new version of MyOPD ZIP Android app which allowed Doctors to practice along with Reception staff. You can read more about this version at The same version is now improved to allow Doctors to allow patients to book their online appointments at the clinic.

Clinic Online Appointment Booking Solution for Doctors – Highlights

  1. Doctors can configure number of online appointments for a particular day.
  2. Doctors can decide the charges for patient while booking an online appointment. Patients will pay to book an appointment. Payments by patients are available only in India.
  3. Doctors can share clinic’s appointment booking link with your patients.
  4. Patients book the appointment online.
  5. Doctors see the list of appointments booked in MyOPD ZIP Android app.

It is that simple!

Here are the complete features of this version in addition to functions of Doctor only version of MyOPD ZIP:

Online appointment booking solution

Download the free trial of MyOPD ZIP today from Google Playstore. Hit the button below and get started.

EMR for Doctors and medical clinics

MyOPD ZIP – Android based EMR for Doctors

If you are a Doctor and are looking for Electronic Medical Records – EMR application, then you have reached the right place. In this article we introduce you to MyOPD ZIP. MyOPD ZIP is an Android Based EMR application for Doctors. This simple app on your Android device can transform your phone into a powerhouse of clinic management solution with EMR. It works offline as well as online. So you do not need continuous internet connection while entering patient records.

Here is a quick view of features of MyOPD ZIP EMR Solution

MyOPD ZIP Android based EMR Solution for Doctors

MyOPD ZIP EMR is designed keeping in mind the requirements of individual Doctors practicing in their clinics or visiting hospitals.

Choice of Versions

  • As a EMR solution with Clinic Management and Billing by choosing the Doctor only package as explained in this article. This version works entirely offline if used from a single Android device.
  • If yu are looking to practice along with Reception staff then choose the Reception Staff and Patient Online Appointments package. This package also comes with online appointment booking facility where patients can book online appointments with the Doctor. This version requires online connectivity for co-ordination with reception staff.

Download the free trial of MyOPD ZIP Android based EMR app today from Google Playstore. The app is currently used by Doctors in India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Philippines and Indonesia.