COVID19 Fitness Certificate for Migrants


Movement of people across states and regions has now started in India. However, migrants must have a valid Fitness Certificate for travel.

In Pune, India, the certificate format that was supplied to Doctors.

MyOPD software allows you to create such a fitness certificate. Copy generated by the MyOPD Software based on sample given by the Government is shown in the image above. You can print it on your own Letter Head or on a Plain paper by adding Doctor and Clinic Name in the header.

How to generate COVID19 Fitness Certificate?

  • Add New Patient if not already existing
  • Examine the patient and save the visit
  • Click Fitness Certificate option
  • Choose Other option under Health Condition section. Then type the required matter.
  • Choose Other option under I certify that section. Then type the required matter.
  • Copy the typed matter in section 4 & 5 in Notepad so that it can be reused for other patients.
    If you are not seeing the Other option in 4 & 5, you are using an older version of software. Please upgrade to latest version to use this feature.
  • If you are not seeing the Other option, you are using the older version of the software. Please upgrade your software using Help -> Check for updates to get the latest version.

    If you have any issues while using any of these features, get in touch with us over WhatsApp on +91-91683-26023 or mail us at [email protected].