November 2016

Demonitisation – Keeping track of payments

Demonitisation - Rs. 2000 New Currency Notes in India
Rs. 2000 New Currency Notes in India

Payments is a challenge Doctors and Patients are facing as a result of Demonitisation. With the Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 gone, digital payments are certainly the way forward. However, till the systems get set, Doctors require a way to give credits to their patients so that Patients can pay later and Doctors don’t lose track of who hasn’t paid.

MyOPD allows Doctors to track credit given to Patients by using the Outstanding Payment feature. Doctors can accept zero or part payment. Balance would then reflect in the Patient’s account which can be settled on either the next visit or any time later.

World Pneumonia Day – 12th November

12th November was celebrated as the World Pneumonia Day. Dr Poonam Sambhaji, a Pediatrician in Goa and a client of MyOPD was mentioned in the news of Marathi Daily Newspaper – Lokmat. The article is in Marathi and provides insights on Pneumonia.

Child Pneumonia status in Goa
Check what Pediatricians in Goa think about status of Pneumonia
Disclaimer: MyOPD does not endorse any political views in the article. The sole objective of the article is to read medical details provided for the benefit of their child.