Demonitisation – Keeping track of payments

Demonitisation - Rs. 2000 New Currency Notes in India
Rs. 2000 New Currency Notes in India

Payments is a challenge Doctors and Patients are facing as a result of Demonitisation. With the Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 gone, digital payments are certainly the way forward. However, till the systems get set, Doctors require a way to give credits to their patients so that Patients can pay later and Doctors don’t lose track of who hasn’t paid.

MyOPD allows Doctors to track credit given to Patients by using the Outstanding Payment feature. Doctors can accept zero or part payment. Balance would then reflect in the Patient’s account which can be settled on either the next visit or any time later.

Doctors can also generate a comprehensive outstanding payment report for their OPD giving them a list of Patients, their outstanding amount and since how long are they having their outstanding.

Read more about how to generate such a report using MyOPD on our tutorials page:

About MyOPD: MyOPD is a Software for Doctors. You are always welcome to see if MyOPD satisfies your requirement. You can download the software directly from and try it out. Drop a mail to [email protected] and we will be happy to help.

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