MyOPD ZIP clinic software with Reception

Are you looking for a mobile or Tablet based Clinic Management Software with occasional use on PC? Your search ends here. Read the features of MyOPD ZIP Practice Management App. 

MyOPD ZIP Clinic Management System with Reception Staff support

With Reception version you can do the following:

  1. Save Time as many functions can be handled by your Reception staff.
  2. Invite a Reception staff member to manage your patients and billing
  3. The Reception Staff member can Add Patient, Add initial vital details (Height, Weight, SPO2 etc), Create Appointments and add patients to a queue of waiting patients. No need for an additional device. Reception staff can install the app on their existing Android phone.
  4. Patient health data, like details in Visit, will not be shown to Reception staff.
  5. Flexibility to Add / Remove Reception staff accounts.

Watch this quick video to get started

See how Reception Staff can create Queue of Waiting Patients

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is there a free trial available?
    Yes. MyOPD ZIP with Reception version is available under free trial. You can upgrade and use it for free for the trial period mentioned in the app.
  2. Can the Reception staff work from anywhere?
    Yes. Reception staff can work using their own device from their home, your clinic, basically anywhere where they have access to internet. Reception staff can co-ordinate the job of creating queue of waiting patients in your clinic which you see in real time from anywhere.
  3. I already have paid for Yearly Doctor only plan and have used it for just 2 months. How does the pricing of Reception version affect me?
    Nothing to worry. You can upgrade to Doctor with Reception version at any time during your existing subscription. Let’s say you have just used 2 months of 12 months of Doctor only subscription. So when you subscribe for Doctor with Reception, your remaining amount will be consumed as per the rate of Doctor plus Reception. Once your remaining amount is used up, you will be charged for the Doctor plus Reception amount. So basically, you don’t need to pay anything today until your money on existing plan is utilized.
  4. I have already paid for one-time option. How can I start using Doctor with Reception version?
    When we introduced the app it was introduced as Doctor only version. Since you have already paid one-time charge for Doctor only version, you will be charged less for Reception version than those who subscribe for Doctor plus Reception plan together. Plus, you can use the free trial to decide if Reception version suites your practice.
  5.  Can I downgrade from Reception version to Doctor only version?
    You are free to downgrade at any time. In that case, your plan will be converted to Doctor only version. The amount you have paid will be utilized towards Doctor only version at rates of Doctor only version and will last you longer than your original plan of Doctor plus Reception version giving you complete flexibility.
  6. Is there a Limit on number of Reception Staff members that can be added?
    At the moment, we do not have any such limit. You can add or remove your staff as you practice. However, make sure you add staff members judiciously.
  7. Can this facility be used on iPhone?
    No. This facility is currently available only on Android devices.

Download the free trial today from Google Play