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Patients in Waiting Room

How Dr. Manohar Subramaniam reduces patient wait times using MyOPD Software

Last week, we saw how Dr. Pravin Mukane collects patient payments using UPI. You can read more about it Here.

This week, we are happy to share story of Dr. Manohar Subramaniam from Kozhikode, Kerala.

In an effort to provide better patient care, Dr. Manohar does not want the patients to keep waiting to see him. As a result, Dr. Manohar uses the “Next in Queue Reminder” option in MyOPD.

Let’s see how it is done.

MyOPD Software has a feature where you can remind a patient over SMS when he/she will be next in the queue. This setting is configurable. So the moment Doctor sees a patient, a reminder can go to the 4th / 5th patient after this patient. That gives the patient sufficient time in advance so that they can start towards the clinic instead of waiting in the clinic.

This option can be set in Windows version under
Settings -> Application Settings -> SMS options -> Next in Queue Reminder

Here is the sequence of events

  • Patient calls Reception and gets added to the Queue of waiting patients
  • Doctor sees patients based on Queue
  • Patients ahead in Queue start getting SMS reminders when their turn is about to come

Isn’t that cool?

We are extremely happy that the Doctors and Patients are liking such features.

We thank Dr. Manohar for sharing his feedback with us.

If you are a Doctor and plan to use Software, download MyOPD Windows version for FREE using the below link. The trial is completely free for 25 patients. No time limit. Click HERE for the Free Trial.

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