Company Employee Checkups and MyOPD

Corporate Clients

While working with Doctors in various fields, we came across many Doctors who were regularly treating corporate clients. Companies used to send their employees to Doctors for regular health checkup. Doctors working in this type of setup have common requirements.

Let’s see what they are.

Requirements of Doctors with clients from companies

  • Employees are always associated with a company
  • Employees need to get timely reminders for their health check-ups
  • A regular patient will pay for his checkup, however, a company employee’s payment is handled by the company
  • Doctors have to present a list of patients who visited and for what to the associated company, as an Invoice
  • Companies would pay the Doctors based on this invoice
  • Doctors or their staff need to have a way to track these payments. They need to be able to see which companies have paid and which haven’t

These bills typically run in thousands. Plus, when Doctors are dealing with an organization, professional outlook of the clinic by presenting an invoice to the company helps.

MyOPD solves this for Doctors by taking care of all the billing aspect of such engagement.

As a result, Doctors who are engaged in occupation health check-ups in addition to their regular OPDs will find MyOPD software helpful.

If you are a Doctor and plan to use Software, download MyOPD Windows version for FREE using the below link. The trial is completely free for 25 patients. No time limit. Click HERE for the Free Trial.

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