Hospital Software – Choosing the correct one


One of the most important decision while running a Hospital is choosing the correct Hospital Software.

Below are the 5 points you should consider to choose the right Hospital Software.

  1. Hospitals are of varying sizes

  2. Hospitals range from 5 Beds to 1000 Beds. A Hospital Software developed for a 1000 bedded Hospital will not suit a 5 bedded Hospital. Why? Well, apart from just the cost factor, the requirements of a 1000 bedded Hospital are vast compared to that of a 5 bedded Hospital. Plus, the staff who operates that software in case of a 1000 bedded hospital is vastly different in skills compared to the staff that operates the software in case of a 5 bedded hospital. Smaller hospitals have lesser computer skilled staff to operate the software. Plus, bigger hospitals have more compliance requirements than smaller ones. The software should help you achieve those.

  3. Will the use of software increase your load or decrease?

  4. The whole point of using a software is to make the working of the hospital more efficient and less people dependent. Once you start capturing patient admissions, discharges and billing via the software, you should have to remember less and allow the software to remember everything for you. Also, your dependency on a particular member of the staff for finding “file” of a particular patient should be less. So essentially, using the software in hospital for various functions like Admission, Discharge, Billing etc should free you up of regular day to day activities. You and your staff may take initial learning time to understand the software and put it to use, however, that is more like learning to drive a car. Once you know driving, you should become more efficient.

  5. Stability of the Software

  6. This is probably the most important point to consider. The software should be stable while working. Ideally it should not crash or crash minimally and recover quickly. Once the hospital starts to use the software, downtime of the software can be expensive. Even if the software is down for 1 day, you will face issues while generating a bill during discharge or admitting the patient to the free beds available.

  7. How good is the support for the software

  8. Many people make a mistake by overlooking software support. While buying a car, we always think of after sales support. However, while buying software, people overlook support. The important point is – When you need help, is there someone from the software team who will help you? Do they have clear working hours when they will provide support? Never buy software from someone who want to sell you for cheap and then run away without giving you after sales support.

  9. Online or offline?

  10. If you are considering online, you need to consider if you have a stable and fast internet connection. If there are rains, storms, power outage and the internet line is down or weak, your work will be affected. When you use the software offline, you have to consider about data safety and backups. What if the PC gets formatted? Will you lose the data? All these queries should be answered by the provider from whom you are purchasing the software.

That covers the important points you need to keep in mind while choosing the Hospital Software.

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