Does Hospital Software help with NABH compliance?

Hospital Software

A common question we get these days is, whether the MyOPD Beds Hospital Software will assist us in NABH. As Doctors try to get their Hospitals accredited via NABH, this becomes an important decision point while purchasing the software.

For the uninitiated, NABH is National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers. With Accreditation, the benefits are immense. It is a recognition that the Hospital has defined standards and procedures laid down by NABH.

Think it similar to a Hotel Accreditation system where Hotels are graded as 5 Star, 4 Star and so on…

The Hospital aiming for Accreditation has to prepare for Assessment. This preparedness is termed as Pre-Accreditation Entry Level. Next comes the Progressive Level and finally comes Full Accreditation. You can read more about NABH at

Now with the background of NABH, let’s see how MyOPD can assist Hospital administrators function better.

NABH inspectors may have typical questions like:

  • How many patients were Admitted and Discharged during a particular period?
  • How many patients were “Discharged against medical advice”?
  • How many Dengue patients were treated in a particular month?
  • Pull out the file of Patient with UHID (Unique Hospital ID) XYZ

Such audits are going to consume time if Hospitals do not have software to assist them.

MyOPD solves this for Hospital administrators by helping them find such relevant information when required.

All the time saved in locating this information for compliance is time gained and money saved.

If you are a Doctor and plan to use Software, download MyOPD Windows version for FREE using the below link. The trial is completely free for 25 patients. No time limit. Click HERE for the Free Trial.

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