Who was MyOPD ZIP’s first client?

Dr. Yogesh Jumrani from Sangli, Maharashtra.
First client of MyOPD ZIP on Android since May 2017

MyOPD™ Practice Management App also known as MyOPD ZIP was first released on Android smartphone in May 2017.

Your first client is always special because he trusts you with his money when nobody else has ever bought your product or services.

While we still had our Windows version in Market since 2012, Dr. Yogesh Jumrani a General Practitioner from Sangli in Maharasthra, India was the first to opt for a pure Mobile based version.

Now, after 3 years of use of the product, here is Dr. Jumrani in discussion with our team describing his experience and the reason why he chose MyOPD ZIP.

Reducing Patient Waiting time

Patients in Waiting Room

How Dr. Manohar Subramaniam reduces patient wait times using MyOPD Software

Last week, we saw how Dr. Pravin Mukane collects patient payments using UPI. You can read more about it Here.

This week, we are happy to share story of Dr. Manohar Subramaniam from Kozhikode, Kerala.

In an effort to provide better patient care, Dr. Manohar does not want the patients to keep waiting to see him. As a result, Dr. Manohar uses the “Next in Queue Reminder” option in MyOPD.

Let’s see how it is done.

Innovative ways to collect payments from Patients


How Dr. Pravin Mukane uses MyOPD to collect client payments?

There are times when we, as designers of MyOPD, are pleasantly surprised in the way the product gets used in a way differently than it was intended to. This is good as long as the end result is positive for everyone.

We would like to share with you one such story of our existing client – Dr. Pravin Mukane

Dr. Mukane shared with us a prescription he designed using MyOPD. Instead of the usual place to print clinic’s logo, he added his UPI payment QR code as seen in the image above (UPI payment system is applicable for India only).

Dr. Himmatrao Bawaskar – A Doctor, A role model

Our team members when on their visit to the town of Mahad decided to meet up with one of our esteemed client Dr. Himmatrao Bawaskar. We had the privilege of meeting Dr. Bawaskar and Dr. Mrs. Bawaskar where they showed us around their humble Healthcare and Research center.


Dr. Himmatrao Bawaskar Photo
Dr. Bawaskar signing the copy of his Marathi book – “Barrister Cha Karta” for Team MyOPD

Here are 5 things you should know about Dr. Bawaskar:

  1. Documentation: Dr. Bawaskar has a very process oriented approach to doing things. He maintains and documents his cases which help him in his research. He has done this right from the very beginning of his practice.
  2. Research: Having done his documentation, he doesn’t leave those documents to be forgotten. In fact, they feed him into his research which helps him to devise new approaches and methodology. After all, he has devised a method to treat scorpion bite after thoroughly analyzing why the earlier treatments were not working. He has multiple publications under his belt and has also published in the revered journal for medical practice – The Lancet. He also his chapters in the API Book of medicine which he showed us.
  3. Patient Education: His patients for snake and scorpion bites are tribals and rurals. Giving the right anti-venom is the key depending on the type of the bite. He has prepared various models of snakes – Cobra, Viper, Krait which he shows to his patients / their relatives to help them identify the one who has bit.
  4. Trophies & Library: An entire floor at his Hospital is filled with Trophies he has earned and the Reference Books. There are tons of Feedbacks and Thank You letters from his patients. What amazed us is he has not kept any trophy in his consultation room. According to Dr. Bawaskar, if his patients see those many trophies, the patients may get overwhelmed and Dr. Bawaskar the person may eclipse Dr. Bawaskar the Doctor. When in consultation room, the patients are there to meet Dr. Bawaskar the Doctor. Such thinking is rare these days.

    Dr. Bawaskar Achievements
    With some of his achievements. This room is filled with his achievements
  5. Staying Simple: He told us point blank – It is hard to stay simple. Try if you can.

We bow down to such a personality who has improved healthcare through research. Dr. Bawaskar has shown that research can be done in a rural setup as well.

You can also read more about Dr. Bawaskar on PubMed at:

Dr. Bawaskar Practices in the town of Mahad of Raigad District – Maharashtra, India.

The contact of Dr. Bawaskar Hospital and Research Center is:


Dr. Bawaskar Hospital and Research Center,

Savitri Marg, Prabhat Colony,

Opp. Hotel Saitej,

Mahad, District Raigad, Maharashtra – 402301


View on Google Maps

Doctor’s day – Amazing compliment

Dr. Mayuresh Joshi
Dr. Mayuresh Joshi, Family Physician, Panvel, Maharashtra

1st July was celebrated as Doctor’s day. MyOPD received one of its best compliments on this day.

Dr. Mayuresh Joshi, one of our clients always issues printed prescriptions to his patients. The Raigad District Pharmacist Forum of Maharashtra took a note of this and decided to felicitate Dr. Joshi for his clearly written prescriptions. It was very kind of Dr. Joshi who called us to tell that MyOPD was very much a part of this.

Here is the translated quote from Raigad District Pharmacist Forum (originally written in Marathi):

Doctors, Your Data is invaluable!

We were having a regular day at office. Thinking about what to do next for our Doctors and discussion around multiple possibilities.

Dr. Manoj Katariya, Manas Hospital, Pune
Dr. Manoj Katariya – using MyOPD Software since 2012

A frantic call from Dr. Manoj Katariya, one of our client set the tone for the day.  Dr. Katariya’s computer was refusing to start. Dr. Katariya was worried about his practice data. Rightly so, he had just finished entering around 5000+ patients and multiple visits in them. The computer was shown to the hardware vendor. The guy recommended a format. Rarely have I seen guys troubleshooting the system and resolving an issue without a format. Format seems to be the easiest way out to fix a problem.