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Doctor’s day – Amazing compliment

Dr. Mayuresh Joshi

Dr. Mayuresh Joshi, Family Physician, Panvel, Maharashtra

1st July was celebrated as Doctor’s day. MyOPD received one of its best compliments on this day.

Dr. Mayuresh Joshi, one of our clients always issues printed prescriptions to his patients. The Raigad District Pharmacist Forum of Maharashtra took a note of this and decided to felicitate Dr. Joshi for his clearly written prescriptions. It was very kind of Dr. Joshi who called us to tell that MyOPD was very much a part of this.

Here is the translated quote from Raigad District Pharmacist Forum (originally written in Marathi):

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Doctors, Your Data is invaluable!

We were having a regular day at office. Thinking about what to do next for our Doctors and discussion around multiple possibilities.

Dr. Manoj Katariya, Manas Hospital, Pune

Dr. Manoj Katariya – using MyOPD Software since 2012

A frantic call from Dr. Manoj Katariya, one of our client set the tone for the day.  Dr. Katariya’s computer was refusing to start. Dr. Katariya was worried about his practice data. Rightly so, he had just finished entering around 5000+ patients and multiple visits in them. The computer was shown to the hardware vendor. The guy recommended a format. Rarely have I seen guys troubleshooting the system and resolving an issue without a format. Format seems to be the easiest way out to fix a problem.

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