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One of the common questions Doctors ask us is – Is my data safe within your cloud backup? Who has access to our data?

These are very important issues and we have strict adherence to policies to help us provide you the level of service and transparency you would expect.

So in this post, let’s look at how is your data accessed, when and by whom?


  • Data storage and retrieval: Day-to-day data storage and retrieval is done by MyOPD platform components. This includes the Windows Based Software, Doctor App and Wellness App for Patients. There is no manual process involved here.
  • Emergency Data Recovery: When you want to restore data from the cloud because of loss of data at your end, MyOPD staff touches your data. This is done only after you give a written permission to touch your data by opening a support ticket in our Support Tracking System. Only then does the authorized staff accesses your data and restores it on your new system.
  • Transmission of Data: The data transfer from Doctor’s clinic to our servers is encrypted to keep your data safe while being transmitted over the internet.
  • For Patients: If you are a patient of a Doctor who is using MyOPD, be assured that your data is safe with us. Your data is never looked at manually by anyone under normal circumstances. It is only when a Doctor wants us to trouble shoot a rare issue (which hasn’t happened so far in 3 years of our operations), we might want to check some part of the data, that too by concealing your identity. No one outside our organization has access to your data.

As a matter of fact, most of MyOPD employees and our relatives visit Doctors who use MyOPD software in their clinical practice. So your Patient’s data is certainly our priority.

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About MyOPD: MyOPD is a Software for Doctors in India. You are always welcome to see ifMyOPD satisfies your requirement. You can download the software directly from and try it out. Drop a mail to [email protected]and we will be happy to help.

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