Doctor’s day – Amazing compliment

Dr. Mayuresh Joshi
Dr. Mayuresh Joshi, Family Physician, Panvel, Maharashtra

1st July was celebrated as Doctor’s day. MyOPD received one of its best compliments on this day.

Dr. Mayuresh Joshi, one of our clients always issues printed prescriptions to his patients. The Raigad District Pharmacist Forum of Maharashtra took a note of this and decided to felicitate Dr. Joshi for his clearly written prescriptions. It was very kind of Dr. Joshi who called us to tell that MyOPD was very much a part of this.

Here is the translated quote from Raigad District Pharmacist Forum (originally written in Marathi):

“Dear Dr. Mayuresh Joshi Sir,

On the occasion of Doctor’s day, we Pharmacists would like to felicitate you. Your fine handwriting and prescription is benefiting us Pharmacists and Patients alike. Though this may look like a minor thing, its importance is as good as that of the medicine itself. We would like to acknowledge the same. 

We hope that your colleagues would follow your lead and issue Prescriptions as per the modular prescription format given by FDA and give priority to public welfare. 

Congratulations to you. 

                                                              – Raigad Pharmacist Forum”

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