MyOPD One-Time Plan vs Subscription Plan

Introducing MyOPD Subscriptions for Windows Version

The past year has been really hard on everyone. In these testing times, we are offering you MyOPD Software in a way that was never offered before, ever!

We are glad to announce MyOPD Subscription for Doctors who feel the one time price is a very high investment to begin with.

Read through questions below to understand subscription plan and how it compares with one-time option:

  • What is the price I have to pay to start using the MyOPD Windows software with all features and support?
    • Under MyOPD Subscription plan, you will pay
      • Rs. 6000/year including GST for MyOPD Clinic Software
  • Don’t I have to pay the one-time charges to begin with?
    • No. Those are one-time plans. You can pay those charges if you are interested in one-time purchase.
  • What is the difference between one-time purchase and subscription plans?
    • With One-Time Purchase –
      • Your first year Annual Maintenance Cost (AMC) is included in the price of software.
      • After first year, even if you do not pay your AMC, the Windows version of the software keeps working. There is no compulsion to purchase the AMC. You will not receive any software updates or support for the software unless you have active AMC.
    • With Subscription Plan –
      • Your AMC is covered for the year you use the software
      • If you do not renew the AMC, you cannot use the software
  • So what is the benefit with subscription?
    • You get top notch software which is already being used in India, Kenya, Jordon, Oman and Iraq with all its features provided in your region
    • You get regular updates of the software for the duration of your subscription period
    • You are covered under support plan provided by MyOPD Support team
    • You get to use MyOPD Windows companion Android app and iOS app along with this Windows version
    • Your initial investment to start is Rs. 6000/year for clinic based version. You don’t have to spend Rs. 15,000+ to just get started with software. The one-time amount will be sufficient to sponsor your software needs for almost 3 years with remote support and all the other benefits we offer with AMC!
  • Can we convert the subscription plan to one-time later?
    • Yes. However, you will have to purchase the one-time plan in full when you do so.
  • Will I get SMS as a part of subscription?
    • Yes. 500 SMS valid for 1 year will be offered as a part of the package.
  • How do I get started?
  • Are there subscription plans for MyOPD Beds Hospital version as well?

Are you interested in MyOPD Clinic Software? The software is free to try.
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