Should I start using a Clinic Management System?

If you are looking for a Clinic Management System and are confused whether you should start using one or wait, you have come at the right place. 

In our working with Doctors since the year 2012, we have seen ample reasons why Doctors hesitate to decide if they should start using a Clinic Management System.

Common reasons of apprehension include:

#1: Will I be able to use it?

The moment someone mentions software, Doctors think that they cannot use because of patient load. However, a clinic management system has many features that simplify the functioning of your clinic. Use by Doctor is one part of it. You can still implement the system and reap benefits of it by

  • Having your staff handle registration and appointments
  • Having your staff handle payments
  • Tracking outstanding amounts from patients
  • Let the system send automated reminders for follow-up checkups
  • Print visit papers with Patient Name, ID on which you can write the prescription
  • View scheduled appointments on the mobile app
  • See reports of patients visited during particular days. 

As seen, you can use it for many other functions by just being a silent spectator and let your staff use it.

#2: Don’t have enough Patients so don’t need now

Many Doctors think that if they don’t have a lot of patients, there is little use of the system. In fact, this is probably the best time to start learning a new system and getting used to it. Will you practice driving on a crowded street or on a road which doesn’t have traffic? Clinic Management Systems offer far more advantages to you and your clinic in the long term. The earlier you invest on your clinic, the better it is. For e.g: Without a Clinic Management System, it will be extremely difficult to inform your patients of change in the timings of the clinic once your clinic’s patient load improves with time. 

#3: Clinic Management Systems are expensive

Well, this is a thing of past. There are multiple choices now available for you from choose from. For e.g: MyOPD Clinic Management System costs less than a price of an average pizza on a monthly basis. Wouldn’t you spend that much for better functioning of the clinic?

#4: No trained staff to operate

What we have seen is, if the Doctor is willing to install the system, the staff will learn and get used to it. These days, vendors of clinic management systems have made tremedous effort to improve the usability of the system. They also provide sufficient training to you and your staff. What matters is, are you really willing to get started?

#5: I have many requirements of my own which a software cannot handle

You will be surprised that these softwares have now got advanced to such an extent that most of your requirements would be covered. Just ask for a demo or download their free trial to get started. You will be able to compare what you want and what these softwares have already.


To conclude, we would say, in today’s world of digitization, if you are not using technology in your clinic, you are at a huge disadvantage. No matter you are an established Doctor or an upcoming one, a small investment on a clinic management system to keep your clinic in order is a must. 

Wish you Good Luck. 

Photo by Jake Young on Unsplash

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