Introducing WhatsApp Patient Reminders in MyOPD Clinic Software

Frustrated that patients don’t have a look at your SMS reminders anymore?

MyOPD Clinic Software sends automated patient reminders via WhatsApp

Providing a reminder service as a part of your clinic’s activity is a great service to the patient. It helps them remember their follow-up dates, vaccination dates, ultrasound dates, appointment dates and so on.

A timely reminder goes a long way in adherence to medical treatment.

MyOPD already had a SMS reminder system. However, with the explosion of SMS for reasons beyond our control, patients often tend to miss the SMS delivered to them.

To solve this very issue, we have introduced WhatsApp reminders.

The probability of message being read when delivered via WhatsApp increases manifold as compared to SMS. Also, similar to SMS in local language, WhatsApp messages will also be delivered in local language based on your setting in MyOPD Software.

Below are some screenshots of how the message would look when the user receives it:

WhatsApp Review Message
Follow-up Reminder Message
Easy calling by user to the Clinic’s phone number

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MyOPD Clinic Software available as a Free trial. WhatsApp feature is available in the paid version. You can download the Software as Free Trial from

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