Selecting a Vendor for Doctor Software

Doctor software has too many choices these days. You need to be careful about selecting where to buy from.

We will help you present our perspective to help you make a better judgement. So what are your choices?

I want to build my own software

Unless you have a requirement completely different than the rest of the world, avoid this option. This should be your choice only if you have a particular niche practice that no other solution is able to manage. Remember, it is one part to build a software and another to keep it updated based on your changing requirements. As a Doctor, it will be hard to focus on this. Frankly speaking, it is not worth the effort. Plus, you lose out on enhancements suggested by other Doctors using a common software.

So give this thought away unless you are a niche practitioner finding it very hard to address majority of your needs through existing solutions.

Now, let’s see what you should look in a Vendor to qualify the vendor as a Good Vendor.

Good Vendor Attributes

  • Has a software to satisfy majority of your requirements. You should be able to determine that in the trial period, before you purchase the product. This way, there is complete transparency between you and your vendor.

  • Has a plan to address your requirements which are left.

  • Has transparent pricing. No hidden charges. You should know what you would pay entirely to the vendor, possibly this year and every year. This way you would know the amount you are investing on technology.

  • Has a software which is easy to use. Plus tutorials to tell you how to use the software.

  • Has a way to address your support needs. Should you have an issue, who will you contact, where and how is clearly stated.

  • Has good web presence. Has existing client base using the product regularly.

So next time you talk to any vendor, make sure you ask them these details. Remember, you should select the right vendor to begin with and not select a vendor and try to make it right!

Thank you for reading through and have a great time with technology.