We have provided answers below to questions that might come to your mind. Should you need any clarification, do not hesitate to contact us using our Contact Us page.

1. What can I expect from the free version?

- MyOPD without any updates
- Low Priority Email Support
- Limited Patient Quota
- Cloud Backup for the first year
- Mobile access on reaching halfway mark of FREE quota

2. What happens after the FREE patient quota expires?

You can upgrade to the full version with unlimited Quota.

3. What do I get in Paid version?

- No restriction on number of patients
- Assistance during installation
- Remote Assistance in data entry
- Suggestions for the future enhancements of MyOPD
- Smartphone access from the start
- 500 SMS in India included with validity of 1 year. Check with us for the exact number of SMS for your country

4. What do you mean by Single User License?

It means that the software should be used by a single Doctor only to whom it is licensed to.

5. Is there a multiuser discount?

If you are a Doctor couple sharing same clinic, yes! The condition being you will have to register for two users at one time and allow us to setup your install in one appointment. With this, you get 50% discount on the second install of the software. There is also a 50% discount on maintenance charge for the second install.

6. Does MyOPD suggest treatment, prescriptions or any other recommendations?

No. MyOPD is software to assist Doctors to keep a track of their practice. In no way does it make any recommendations whatsoever. In certain cases like prescriptions, it does provide matching suggestions to make typing faster based on available data. However, the final selections have to be made by the Doctor based on individual knowledge.

7. How can the software warn on Allergic Drug Prescription?

For this to happen, individual patient’s allergic details have to be entered by the Doctor after a dialog with Patient during his first visit or for that matter any visit. MyOPD will take action based on entry made into it.

8. Why did you not provide details about backing up attachment data?

Attachments can be of varying sizes. For example, there are different types of files: Word Documents, Image Files, PDFs, Excel Spread sheets. If an image is taken with a high resolution camera, the size of image file is bigger. We think we can explain this to you better when we talk to you.

9. What is the accounting feature?

We allow Doctors to capture expenses they incur while operating their OPD. The accounting feature creates Excel spread sheet when you generate a report giving you a complete view of your earnings and expenditure during the period selected.

10. What do you mean by Lifetime updates?

We will continue to add features to MyOPD to help us enable you function better. If you are on our annual maintenance plan, you keep getting those features for free. Features which we cannot afford to offer for free as a part of annual maintenance plan will be communicated to you.

11. How will the Updates be delivered?

Updates will be delivered over internet. You will require to temporarily connect to the internet to receive the updates. This is a standard process followed in the software world.

12. Why don’t you include all new features as a part of maintenance upgrade?

Certain services require us to keep paying our partners to keep the service going. These services are usage based. If you consume usage on our end, we charge you for the amount you have consumed based on the costing provided to you in advance. Our Online backup service is an excellent example of this. When your data is backed up on our servers, we have to pay the infrastructure providers a recurring cost to keep it there. That is the reason these services have to be charged based on usage.

13. What is the receptionist desk facility?

This feature is useful for those Doctors who have receptionists fronting their clients and want receptionist to handle certain tasks. We do not allow receptionists handle any patient related health data to maintain the privacy of Doctor’s clients. At the moment, receptionists can Add/Modify patients. Moving forward we plan to add more features based on inputs from Doctors. This feature requires LAN connectivity between the Doctor’s computer and receptionist computer. We do not do LAN setup and this part has to be handled with a separate hardware vendor.

14. Would you change the prices for maintenance?

In an unforeseen event of our partners charging us more for certain services, we will have to pass on the cost to you. However, we would let you know well in advance with reasons for the change. For now, we do not anticipate any change in the rates for the upcoming 3 years for the Doctors who are on-board with us.

15. Why is it that at times you are not able to provide facility at places where I have my OPD?

We are growing. However, we need to be able to better support you to provide you the attention you need when we deal with you and you operate MyOPD. You are encouraged to get in touch with us. That would help us track enquiries from different regions so that we can select our next area of focus as we are growing.

16. What are the charges for SMS?

You have to buy SMS credits from us. 1 SMS Credit = Rs. 1. You can buy a minimum of 500 Credits which have a validity of 1 year from the date of purchase.

17. For what will the SMS credits get used?

It is up to you how to use them. You may use them to remind patients for appointments or you can use them to remind patients of some important events like - Checkups, Vaccinations and so on.

18. Does the SMS get delivered to a DND number as well?


19. Are all the features available through the MyOPD Android App?

No. MyOPD Android App has limited features and will be upgraded as we progress. Get in touch with us to know more about the MyOPD Android App in details.

20. How is data exchanged between the MyOPD Windows Application and Android App?

MyOPD Windows Application syncs the data to MyOPD Server. The data is then synced to the MyOPD Android App. So, you need temporary internet connectivity to allow the data sync to happen between the two.

21. Is the Android App optional?

In the first year, you get the Android App for FREE. In the subsequent year, you have a choice whether to continue with Android App or discontinue, based on your interest.

22. What are the modes of payment?

You are welcome to pay using Cheque, Net Banking, Debit Card or Credit Card.