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5 Ways to make the best of MyOPD ZIP Free Plan

Benefit # 1: Your Patients, your Gold mine

Many Doctors start their careers by sharing OPD cabins with other fellow Doctors. Eventually, as the practice grows, Doctors shift to a permanent clinic. Over the course of time, Doctors end up treating numerous patients. When you eventually move to a permanent clinic, you want a way to tell your patients the new clinic address. Without a list of patients, this is not possible.

MyOPD ZIP Free plan allows you to keep a list of all your patients in the app, free of charge. You can export that list to Excel. The mobile number of your patients in these Excel file will help you to send SMS informing your patients about the new clinic address.

This is by far the single most important reason why Doctors who are beginners should use MyOPD ZIP Android app. Registering a new patient is simply like creating a new contact in mobile. It is that simple. Anyone can use it.

Plus, we do not contact your patients or do not use your data in anyway. Keep your gold mine with you.

Benefit # 2: Sharing Prescription over WhatsApp

So let’s assume, you have started to use MyOPD ZIP Android app Free Forever plan. However, you do not have a printer yet.

No problem. You can still record the patient’s case and share the Rx directly with the patient over WhatsApp. Follow the instructions given at

You can share Rx with any number of patients using the MyOPD ZIP Free Forever plan.

Sharing a Prescription with patient immediately projects professional approach of the Doctor. Also, entering prescription using Medicine Templates and Advice Templates is far easier. You can repeat medicines and advices for patients having same diagnosis. Read all advantages of an electronic prescription over a hand written prescription at

Such a electronic prescription can be printed easily using the MyOPD Free Forever plan. So what are you waiting for?

Benefit # 3: Review previous visit

Patient’s often visit Doctors without carrying their previous prescription. MyOPD ZIP allows you to see the previous visit of patient before creating a new prescription. You can simply repeat the entire prescription with one tap in case of chronic patients.

You can add more value to your practice by reviewing the previous prescription, patient’s allergy’s and then giving a new prescription. This is possible with the MyOPD ZIP Free Forever plan.

Benefit # 4: Print Medical Certificates, Fitness Certificates, Referral Letters

The Free Forever plan allows you to print all these Documents for FREE! You can print or share a PDF of these Documents with the patients.

Won’t your practice look better with a printed Document compared to a written Document?

Benefit # 5: View all data on upgrade to paid version!

Great news! Your practice is now growing and you want to start using the Advanced Features in the app like

  • Tracking Patient Payments
  • Photos of X-Rays, Lab Reports
  • Working with Reception Staff
  • Review multiple previous visits of patients
  • Use on multiple devices – Tablet in a clinic and phone while you are out of the clinic
  • and much more…

You now want to practice in full swing. So you upgrade to paid version. All your past hardwork pays off. All your previous patient records become available in the paid version.

See a comparison of the Paid plan compared to Free Forever plan at

How can MyOPD ZIP be Free Forever?

Many of you may have questions as to how MyOPD ZIP can afford to give software for free?

A while back we ourselves wrote an article about Free Software. Feel free to read it at

The point is, we are investing in you with the hope that you will grow and in the process, we will grow. It is that simple.

When you use the free version, you don’t use our servers or cost us money. Remember, MyOPD ZIP Free version is an offline application. So your data stays on your device and we are not charged for the patient entries you create. So it is a great symbiotic relationship between us.

As you grow, you will require advanced features of the app to improve your productivity and manage your clinic better. You will require data security to ensure that you don’t lose your data when you change your device. When you grow, you will certainly not mind paying.

To summarize, We assist you when you are setting up your practice. This way, you don’t need to worry about the initial software cost. Simple!

Download MyOPD ZIP for Android

Start using the app. Do you still have any reason for not using software in your practice? Comment below and we may help!

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