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Share Prescription via WhatsApp in MyOPD ZIP

Follow below steps in MyOPD ZIP app to share Prescription via WhatsApp with Patients

  1. Make sure you enter the mobile number of patient while entering the patient’s information.
  2. Make sure this mobile number of patient is available on WhatsApp. Ask the patient their WhatsApp number.
  3. Now, first tap on the WhatsApp icon in the Visit section. This icon is at the bottom of Visit section of the patient.
  4. IMPORTANT: Send a Hi to the number if there was no communication via WhatsApp with this patient before. This step is necessary. Only then you will be able to share the prescription.
  5. Now, come back to the app in Visit section and tap on Share icon. Then select Share PDF via Other Apps.
  6. Select the WhatsApp app. The app will directly share the PDF with the phone number if the contact is saved. If the contact is not saved, you will see the phone number of the patient in Recent chats. Tap on it and the prescription will be shared.

The most important step here is STEP # 4. If this step is not done, then sharing of prescription may not always work.

Make sure you are using the updated version of MyOPD ZIP app. Download the app from Playstore at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=in.myopd.android

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