View Online Consultation Appointments

Follow below steps to view your booked Teleconsultation Appointments:

  1. Login to your Web Profile page at
  2. Use your registered email address with MyOPD to login. At times, your email address will be set in capital letters. Your registered email address is present in MyOPD Windows version software at: Profile -> My Profile.
  3. Under Teleconsultation Service you will see your existing Teleconsultation clinic details.
  4. Now, click on View Appointments button. You will see list of today’s appointments booked in your clinic. Appointment details will include
    1. Name of the Patient
    2. Phone number
    3. Suggested time of Call to the Patient.
    4. Notes entered by Patients at the time of booking appointment
  5. To view appointments for any other days, select the Calendar option at the top to change the date and see the appointments for that day.

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