How to get Reviews for your Clinic?

Clinic Management Software with Review SMS Facility #

One of the important aspects of Clinic Management is getting Reviews for your clinic. We encourage you to setup Google My Business Page and / or Facebook Page for your clinic. Once this page is created, the important point here is to seek reviews from clients so that patients can read these reviews before reaching your clinic.

MyOPD Clinic Management Software allows you to request reviews from patients and let them review directly on Google or Facebook. This is one way to build your clinic’s brand online with minimum investment and energy. Read more about this in detail at

Steps to setup Reviews with MyOPD Clinic Management Software #

  1. Login to MyOPD Software Windows version
  2. Click Settings -> Application Settings
  3. Scroll down to SMS Options. There is a place for Review URL.
  4. Review URL is the URL obtained from your Google My Business page. Read how to get Review URL for your Google My Business page at – Create a link for customers to write reviews – Google My Business Help
  5. After this URL is obtained, it needs to be shortened. The long URL cannot be directly entered in Review URL section.
  6. To shorten this URL, visit
  7. Create your account on website. You can simply login with your Google Account.
  8. Now click on the CREATE Link option and paste the Long URL obtained in step 4.
  9. Copy the Short URL seen here and paste it in Settings -> Application Settings -> Review URL section of MyOPD Software
  10. Tap the Save icon besides the Review URL section.

Request Reviews #

Now, let’s understand how to ask for reviews by sending a Review SMS directly to patient’s phone number.

  1. Complete saving the visit of the patient in MyOPD Software
  2. After the visit is successfully saved, you will see a request review image just on the right side of Close Visit button.
  3. Tap the Request Review image.
  4. An automatic SMS will be delivered to the patient’s mobile number with the review link. Patient’s can click this link and review the clinic.

Here is a sample Review SMS:

Hi, Thank you for your visit at the clinic. Could you please review my practice at: Thank you – Dr. XYZ

You can click the link to see how the patient would see the review. The link in above message goes to My Business Page of Catalyze Systems Pvt Ltd which develops MyOPD Software.
Your name or the clinic’s name will be placed at the end of the message.

Please note, the reviews can be sent only if your PC is connected to internet.

If you have trouble following these steps, feel free to get in touch with us at [email protected]

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