Create Patient consent Forms with Microsoft Word

  • Creation of Consent Form Template:
    • This feature is available under Settings -> Document Templates. All the tags that MyOPD Software Recognizes and replaces with real patient data in the Word document can be found here. While creating the consent form or any other form template, make use of these tags at the appropriate places.
    • Here is a sample image of this screen:
Available Tags to be used in Word Document
    • Create a consent form in Microsoft Word or any other Office application using these tags as place holders.
    • E.g: Use #PATIENT_NAME where you want the name of the patient to come in the document or #PATIENT_GENDER where you want the Gender or #ADDRESS where you want the address of patient to be printed. Use the Copy option as seen in the image to copy the exact Tag and paste it in the Word document.
    • Save the document as a Microsoft Word – “.doc” file.
    • Once this document is ready, import the template of document under Settings -> Document Templates using Add New option.
  • Creation / Printing of Consent Form for a Patient:
    • In the Patient Visit View, a new tab – “Forms” is introduced besides the Past Visit Tab.
    • Here is the exact location of this option
Create Forms for selected patient from this section
    • Open the Forms section.
    • Available Forms will be seen on the left.
    • Select the Form. You will see all the Tags in the form and the values with which they are replaced for this patient on the Right side.
    • Click on Create Document.
    • Microsoft Word or Office application on your computer will open with the newly generated file content values specific for this patient.
    • Review and print the Document from within the Microsoft Word or any other office application.
  • While designing the Word document, make sure you include or exclude your Clinic Letter head in the word document as well. Printing from Word will not obey the Margins etc selected inside the MyOPD Software.

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