How to Issue Medical Certificate?

MyOPD allows generation of medical certificate for only those visits which are entered in MyOPD. A visit recorded in MyOPD is a necessary precondition to issuing medical certificate. Follow the steps below to generate medical certificates

  • From the Patient Visit Recording window, click the “View Past Visits” link
  • Show Past Visits
  • In the next section, you will see summary of the previous visit. Now, click on View All in this section.
  • On the past visit detailed view page, you would see a summary of all the past visits of the patient. Click the View Details link on Past Visit page
View Past Visits
  • On clicking the View Details link, you would see all the Details about patient’s visit on the right. Along with that, you would also see a “Generate Medical Certificate” button at the bottom. Click the button to generate medical certificate.
  • Use the options in the Certificate form to generate the certificate in the way you want to.

Here is a short YouTube Video explaining the steps

Medical Certificate Generation using MyOPD Windows Clinic Management Software

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