Sharing Rx over WhatsApp or Email

Setting up your signature on Rx:

If you have already setup the Signature, jump to section below, else follow these steps.

  1. Sign on a piece of paper
  2. Take a photo using your Phone Camera. Then crop it to select only the signature portion and save it
  3. Open MyOPD ZIP. Select Menu option (Top left corner, 3 horizontal lines)
  4. Select Account Settings -> Printer Settings
  5. Scroll down and Turn ON the setting – “Print Digital Signature”
  6. Use “Select Picture” option to select the photo saved in step 2
  7. Now, Rx will have this signature at the end.

Sharing Rx with Patients over Email:

  1. In the visit entry section, at the bottom, you will see the SHARE icon
  2. Tap on Share icon after entering all visit related data
  3. Now select “Share PDF via Other Apps”
  4. Choose your sharing options and Language. If you are doing teleconsulting, we would request you to document as much information about the patient as possible and also include as much information on the PDF that you would share with the patient. This will ensure you have checked all angles prior to consulting the patient.
  5. You will now see the Preview of Rx based on the information selected in the previous screen. Tap on Next
  6. Select the Email app to share
  7. To share the app via WhatsApp, there is an additional step so that PDF can be shared with unsaved mobile numbers of the patients. Please check instructions at:

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