OPD Improvements:

  1. Thermal Printing for Rx and Receipts
    • With this release, on popular demand, we are introducing Thermal Printing for Prescriptions and Receipts. It will also help Doctors to save printing paper.
    • To use this feature, open Help -> Printer Preferences. Select Print on Thermal Printer option
    • Then set the Thermal Printer.
    • The Thermal Print will have a different format of printing compared to regular print as the print has to be accommodated on a small paper.
    • This feature is currently available only on Server PC. If you are using Multi-Doctor or IPD Version, the client PC will now have this feature.
  2. WhatsApp Reminders
    • MyOPD Software can now send Reminders for Follow-ups, Vaccinations, Reviews, Appointment booking via WhatsApp. WhatsApp offers clear advantage over SMS as the possibility of end user reading the message is very high when the message is sent via WhatsApp, compared to SMS. As a result, this increases chance of patient’s follow-up or reviewing the clinic.
    • Both English and Local language messages can be delivered via WhatsApp.
    • You can now choose whether to send the messages via WhatsApp or via SMS.
  3. Clinic Contact Number in Follow-up SMS and WhatsApp messages
    • Follow-up reminder messages in MyOPD lacked clinic phone number.
    • As a result, when patient received a follow-up reminder, the patient would have to search for the clinic’s number and then call the clinic for appointment.
    • Now, MyOPD adds clinic’s phone number when a follow-up reminder message is delivered. User can simply tap the number and call the clinic for next appointment.
  4. Prescription Printing Improvements
    • Mistakes in Gujarati language terms have been corrected
    • Quantity now gets printed as Bottle when mL and drops are selected
  5. Improved SMS / WhatsApp Upload Summary View
    • View showing the upcoming SMS to be uploaded and the Past Summary was not correct. You can see this by clicking View Details link at the right bottom corner of the software.
    • This view is now corrected to show the recent most messages uploaded to server. Further, you can also see whether the message was uploaded via SMS channel or WhatsApp channel for delivery.
  6. Show List of Appointments and Follow-ups for a Date Range
    • On the View -> Today Form, on selecting Appointment or Follow-up options, Appointments only for a particular date could be seen. There was no way to enter a date range.
    • In the new release, you can now enter a date range to see a list of all the Appointments and Follow-ups for that date range.
  7. Show List of New Patients Registered for a Date Range
    • On the View -> Today Form, there was no option to see all the new patients registered for a particular Date Range.
    • In the new release, you can now select View -> New Patients, then enter a date range to see a list of all the New Patients registered in that date range.
    • This feature is especially useful for Doctors to know the Patient Registrations in the clinic during a particular time period.
  8. SMS Changes
    • Welcome message delivery failed in Kannada. This is now corrected.
    • Message delivery failed with clinic name was written in regional language. This is now corrected.
  9. Separate Cash and Digital Income
    • Income report is available in Advanced Search report. With this release, Cash and Digital income are shown in separate columns.
  10. Bug Fixes

Reception Section Improvements

  1. Hide Payment Details at Reception
    • MyOPD allows for a way for Reception staff to check the view the daily income of the Doctor so that they can report the same to the Doctor at the end of the day.
    • However, for Doctors who do not allow collection of payment at Reception, there is no need for this income to be shown at the reception.
    • This release fixes this issue.

Hospital Version Changes

  1. Show Admitted Under Doctor name
    • The All Admitted list of Patients in IPD section showed Patient name and the Bed Number.
    • With this release, the admitted under Doctor’s name can also be seen.
  2. Admission Form Date of Birth correction
    • When Date of Birth is entered, in some cases, the Date of birth showed up incorrectly when the Admission form was printed. This was fixed.
  3. Set Max Date for Payment & Services to Discharge Date
    • MyOPD allows creation of Hospital Final bill after the patient is discharged.
    • While entering the date of service, say Physiotherapy etc, the date entered could be incorrectly set to the date after discharge. This resulted in incorrect calculation of Final Bill.
    • This is now addressed by disallowing entry of any service for that patient after the date of Discharge.
  4. Print Treatment Chart for Today and Tomorrow
    • Printing treatment chart was possible only for today’s date. Many times Doctors wanted to print the chart for tomorrow in advance so that the chart will be available for the Nurse on duty in the morning.
    • This release allows you to print the treatment chart for today and next day.
  5. Bug Fixes

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