MyOPD ZIP Reward Program FAQ

MyOPD ZIP has launched the reward program for its users. This FAQ gives you answers to important questions about the same.

Q. Can you explain the MyOPD ZIP Reward Program in brief? #

MyOPD ZIP reward program allows Doctors to invite their friends to use MyOPD ZIP app for Android. If the Doctor who was invited purchases the app via subscription, the user and the Doctor who invited, both get additional free days added to their subscription.

Q. How should the Doctor invite the other Doctor? #

Tap the Hamburger Menu option (top left corner, 3 horizontal lines) -> My Rewards -> Share Link.

Each Doctor has their own personal invitation link. You are free to invite as many fellow Doctors and friends by sharing this link via WhatsApp, Email, SMS to your friends.

Q. How will the Doctor who was invited get benefited? #

The Doctor who was invited will receive the link shared by the inviting Doctor. The Doctor then has to install the app using this invitation link only. If the installation happens directly from Google Playstore, then this benefit will not be granted.

Q. Will I come to know who has installed using my invitation link? #

Yes. You can check your My Rewards section to know who has installed the app using your invitation link.

Q. If the other Doctor has installed using my link, when will I get my reward? #

When the other Doctor does their first purchase in the MyOPD ZIP app, your subscription will get extended automatically by fixed days. So your next renewal date will be pushed ahead automatically and you can renew it after the new date.

Q. What if the new Doctor has purchased using my link but I don’t have an active subscription? #

In that case, your reward will be in unclaimed state. You can claim it after subscribing to any available plan. Make sure the reward is claimed before the reward expiry date.

Q. What if the Doctor who was invited had the app already installed on his device and was already in trial? #

In that case, the invitation is not considered as a fresh invitation. Invitation link only takes effect when the Doctor has not installed the app earlier and is registering for trial for the first time on their email address.

Q. What if the Doctor who was invited opted for trial pack however, did not complete the purchase? #

In that case, both, the Doctor who was invited and the Doctor who invited will not get any rewards.

Q. What if I have one-time pack? How will the rewards work? #

If you have one-time pack, the rewards will be granted, however, they will be unclaimed. You can opt for a subscription plan and use them against the subscription plan.

Q. What if the Doctor who was invited opted for Windows Software instead of Android app? #

We will consider this as a special case and grant you the reward. Please get in touch with us at [email protected]

Q. Where can I download MyOPD ZIP app from? #

You can download from Google Playstore using the link

Q. Can I invite other Doctors when I am currently under trial and haven’t purchased the app? #

Yes. You can still invite other Doctors while you yourself are under trial and evaluating the app.

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