Appointment Booking via Reception Staff

Reception appointment booking allows the Doctors to delegate the appointment booking feature via Reception staff.

With MyOPD ZIP Android app, the process of Appointment booking via Reception is as follows:

  1. Patient calls the Clinic or Reception Number. This number is attended by the Reception staff.
  2. Reception staff then talks to the patient and reserves a convenient time of appointment.
  3. Patient can optionally receive a appointment booking confirmation SMS.
  4. Doctors sees the appointment on their device.

This way, the reception staff can build the appointment list of the Doctors. With MyOPD ZIP App, Reception staff can be anywhere while booking the appointment i.e. in the clinic or at their home. The staff just needs MyOPD ZIP with Reception account on their device.

Below are the steps to be followed by the Reception staff to book the appointment:

Before starting to allow Reception to book appointments, Here, the Reception staff or Doctor will book all the appointments.

  1. Make sure the online appointment booking option for the clinic is TURNED OFF.
  2. Click the APPTS button at the top of patient list
  3. You will see a list of existing appointments for the day.
  4. Select Show Dates option.
  5. Select the date on which the appointment is to be booked.
  6. Select the Patient, then the Service which is the Reason for appointment i.e. Consultation, Emergency, Vaccination, Dressing etc.
  7. If booking SMS is to be sent, Reception staff must tap the booking SMS option.

SMS will be delivered and the equivalent SMS credits will be reduced from the Doctor’s SMS credits.

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