MYOPD PC VERSION 7.7 – 24 April 2023

OPD Improvements:

  1. Improvements related to new MyOPD All In One App
    • MyOPD All In One – Android and iOS app is currently under development.
    • This app will replace MyOPD Desktop Companion app after it is released on Google Playstore and Apple Store
    • Changes required in the PC version to ensure functioning of All in One app are done.
  2. View Today form improvements
    • Today form now shows improved details related to functioning of the OPD
    • Charts which provided less information related to the functioning of the OPD are removed
  3. WhatsApp Reminder Failure cases
    • Delivery of WhatsApp message failures in certain cases is fixed.
  4. Save PDF Header Image
    • If full Header Image of Letter Head is included in Settings -> Printer Preferences, the same image is now used while saving the prescription as PDF. This way, the prescription PDF looks like it has been created on your own letter head.
  5. Print Allergy on Rx
    • If allergy is noted for a patient, it will get printed automatically on the Prescription.
  6. SMS Gateway Changes for Sri Lanka SMS Delivery
    • Doctors in Sri Lanka and now send SMS to patients with local SMS charges.
  7. Auto Add Template data for selected Diagnosis
    • Prior to this release, after a Diagnosis is entered, the template in individual sections of Investigation, Prescription and Advice had to be selected.
    • With this release, the software will automatically prompt the user to select the matching template for Diagnosis and add it to the list of Investigation, Prescription and Advice.
    • This will save a lot of time while entering the patient’s visit.
  8. Add Delete All Button on Prescription Form
    • For Doctors who want to delete all the medicines in one go, Delete All button is provided.
  9. Add a new practice in Software while adding Doctors – Radiologist
  10. Bug Fixes
    • Medicines marked as misspelled in My Medicines do not show up in My Medicines search again.
    • Medicine quantity shows wrong in Past Visit Tab in certain cases. This happened only for ‘ml’ and ‘tsp’ cases. It is now fixed.
    • Same day visits in Past Visits are now shown in the correct order based on the time of the visit.
    • In correct date was seen in View Past Visits section under certain conditions. It is now fixed.
    • Editing Visit charges in past visits did not update them in the Income and Expense report. It is now fixed.
    • Welcome SMS delivery fails in certain cases when clinic name in Unicode and more than 30 characters

Reception Section Improvements

  1. View Tomorrow’s Appointments at Reception
  2. New visit gets created when Visit Paper is printed from Reception even if the patient has already visited on the same date. This is fixed now.
  3. View separate Cash and Digital collection at Reception for Today’s income.

Hospital Version & Multi-Doctor Version Changes

  1. Allow Flexible Bed Charges
    • Allowing Bed Charges as Zero during creation of Beds was not possible.
    • This is fixed now. While adding new Beds, Bed Charges can be set to Zero.
    • While creating final bill, Bed charges can be edited on a per patient basis.
  2. Allow Discharge Summary Modification
    • We got requests from Doctors for modification of Discharge Summary because the Discharge Summary lacked few details as required by Insurance companies for patients with claims. Please read more about this topic at
    • From this release on wards, Discharge Summary can be modified with a valid reason and by admin only.
    • While modifying the Discharge Summary, the reason for modification has to be specified.
    • Latest Discharge Summary will get saved. Only this version can be printed in future.
    • Old Discharge Summary can still be viewed.
  3. Discharge Summary Template update
    • Discharge Summary Template prior to this release did not include ‘Treatment Given’ and ‘Prescription’ section.
    • With this release, Doctors can add ‘Treatment Given’ and ‘Prescription’ for a Discharge Summary against a particular Diagnosis.
    • This will save time of creating the Discharge Card as ‘Treatment Given’ and ‘Prescription’ details will be prefilled and can be edited before the final version of Discharge Summary.
  4. Bug Fixes

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