Select between WhatsApp / WhatsApp Business

MyOPD ZIP app allows Doctors chat with their patients using WhatsApp or WhatsApp business without saving the patient’s phone number by tapping the below icon in the visit section.

Many Doctors have WhatsApp as well as WhatsApp business on their phones. The issue is, WhatsApp gets selected when Doctors want to communicate with patients using WhatsApp Business instead.

How to choose WhatsApp Business instead of WhatsApp? #

  1. Open the WhatsApp App Info by doing a long press on the WhatsApp icon
  2. Now, Tap on Set as default (in this app) option
  3. Switch Off the Open supported links option for WhatsApp or set it to Always Ask
  4. Keep the Open supported links option Turned On for WhatsApp Business.

Now, when you tap the WhatsApp icon in MyOPD ZIP app as shown above, WhatsApp Business will open instead of WhatsApp.

Make sure you are using the latest version of MyOPD ZIP Android app by clicking the below icon.

Google Play icon

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