How to Print Generic Names with MyOPD Windows Version?

MyOPD Clinic Software allows Doctors to print Medicine Names in Trade as well as Generic. This article gives an overview of how it can be done with MyOPD Clinic Software Windows Version

STEP 1: Adding Generic Names to Medicines #

  1. Login to MyOPD Windows Version
  2. Click on Profile -> My Medicines
  3. Click on Export My Medicines button at the bottom in My Medicines Tab.
  4. Save the CSV file on your disk.
  5. Open the file. The first column is the name of existing medicines.
  6. Enter the Generic molecule names in the next column. 
  7. Make sure that the Generic molecule names do not contain comma (,)
  8. If you have copied the molecule names from any site and it has comma, just replace all the comma (,) with space ( ) at the end. This can be done by pressing Ctrl-F. Find the comma character and replace by space.
  9. If you are confused in this step, call support team before making any import. DO NO IMPORT THE MEDICINES UNLESS THE FILE IS REVIEWED BY OUR STAFF.
  10. We can help your staff to make these entries and once the file is setup with Generic Names, it can be used for import.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please make sure that either you or your staff works with us before importing the list into the software. This way, we ensure that there won’t be mistakes while importing medicines.

STEP 2: Importing Generic Names of Medicines #

  1. Login to MyOPD Windows Version
  2. Click on Profile -> My Medicines
  3. Click on Import Medicines button in My Medicines Tab on the right side of Search Medicine text box.
  4. Review the result of imported medicines

STEP 3: Printing Generic Names #

  1. Login to MyOPD Windows Version
  2. Click Settings -> Printer Settings -> Select Your Clinic
  3. Select the Both or Generic Name or Both option as shown in the below picture. A message at the end of Rx can also be added as shown by the Yellow highlighted section.

End Note for Substitute of medicines can also be printed as shown by highlighted text.

Get started with MyOPD Clinic Software and start printing medicine names with Generics. Download the free trial at

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