Selecting the Right Printer for Printing prescriptions

Most of the Doctors typically use A5 paper for prescription printing and not all printers provide support for that via mobile printing from inside the Android apps. A5 paper size is 14.8 cm X 21 cm.

You need not worry about printer and paper sizes: #

  • If you plan to use an A4 size paper. A4 paper is the one that is typically used for photocopies on Xerox machines. Almost every printer vendor supports A4 paper printing via mobile printing, from inside the app. So you can go ahead with any printer of your choice based on your budget.
  • If you use MyOPD Windows version. All vendors allow you to print prescriptions with multiple paper sizes when it comes to printing via Windows PC. You have to still select the one that best suites your budget. However, paper size will be your least headache.

The reason we are discussing this point is, not every printer vendor supports all paper sizes when it comes to printing prescription from within the app.

Please note, printer vendors have their own apps which support many paper sizes. However, when you use MyOPD ZIP app or say a Browser on your phone you should not have to leave that app and print the prescription from a separate app provided by the Printer Vendor. That will be too much of waste of time.

Why can the manufacturers app print on A5 paper and any other app on the device cannot? #

All the apps on the device depend on printer service plugin apps provided by the manufactures. You can find these apps from respective manufacturers on Google Playstore. While the manufacturers apps are designed to print on A5 paper, the printer service plugins from certain manufacturers do not support A5 paper size.

So which is the right printer? #

As of writing this article, following are our findings based on some of the popular makes available in the market:

As a result, we recommend HP Printer if you are going to use A5 paper for Prescription printing using the MyOPD ZIP Android app.

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