Printing Rx by Reception Staff

Here are the steps to print Rx via Reception Staff

On Doctor’s Device #

  1. In the Visit section, tap the Share icon. Share icon is present at the bottom, just besides the printer icon in the right bottom corner.
  2. Select the Print via Reception Staff option
  3. Continue and view the preview of the print
  4. Tap next and wait a bit.
  5. You will see a message indicating that the Rx is shared with Reception staff.
  6. This Rx will now be available with Reception staff until next 24 hours for printing. The availability is restricted for 24 hours to avoid misuse of Rx at reception.

On Reception’s Device #

Once the Rx is shared with Reception, the Reception staff can do the following steps:

  1. Search the Patients in Queue or regular patient list
  2. Tap the Printer icon on the patient’s tile
  3. View the Rx and continue with printing.

Things to know #

  1. This feature requires subscription to the Doctor plus Reception plan.
  2. Reception staff can print the Rx only for 24 hours since the time it was originally shared by Doctor.
  3. Make sure you trust the reception staff. Reception staff can still save the Rx as PDF on their device while printing, in the print preview section. This is allowed by Android. So make sure you tell your staff to print the Rx to the printer directly and not save them locally on their device as a PDF for whatever reason.

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