Informing Patients about Teleconsultation

At this stage, you should be familiar with

The most important question now is how will your patients know you are offering Teleconsultation and reach you? |
To tele consult you, the patients have to reach your webpage on MyOPD site, which is something like this

We now show you ways in which they can reach here. In this article we also share some tips that will help you communicate in the right away to your patients.

Teleconsultation should mostly be used for patients who are up for review, want to show reports and need not necessarily require a checkup physically at the clinic. If you can simply view their lab reports, get readings from their home Blood Pressure monitoring and other instruments and decide based on that, it will save your as well as your patient’s time. This is a boon for aged chronic patients, parents of young children and so on who can avoid travel and still get their queries answered from the Doctor they trust the most, that is you.

Informing patients in the clinic #

When patients visit and the next visit can be handled via Teleconsultation, tell them so. You or your staff can ask them to search for your name on Google as “Dr. <Your Name> MyOPD”. That way, your webpage on MyOPD website will be shown by Google at the top and they can open directly. Adding MyOPD while doing Google Search with your name is important for your page on MyOPD website to be listed at the top in the search results.

Sending link via WhatsApp #

Search your name on Google as “Dr. <Your Name> MyOPD”. Visit your Web Page on MyOPD Website. Use the share via WhatsApp button on the page to send it to the patient. You or your staff can also bookmark this link to avoid doing Google Search every time. Then share this link with anyone who is asking for it.

Via AutoReply Message for WhatsApp Business Number #

If your clinic has WhatsApp Business Number, set this link along with Teleconsultation information as an autoreply. Here is a sample of such message:

Thank you for your message to “Fantastic Results Clinic

Our  clinic Timings are
Monday to Friday
10:00 am to 2:00 pm
6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

10:00 am to 2:00 pm

1) Visit us in Clinic to see Dr. Sample Test for your concern.

2) To speak to Doctor via Teleconsultation kindly click the link
Please note: In case of Emergency, do not use Teleconsultation facility. Please visit your nearest Doctor or Hospital.

Facebook and Google My Business Page #

If your clinic has a Facebook or Google My Business webpage, add the teleconsultation booking link to your clinic’s profile so that patients can get directed from their as well.

Your Personal Website #

If you have your own personal website, teleconsultation booking button similar to the “Book Teleconsultation” button can be added directly to your personal website. Ask your website designing team to get in touch with Team MyOPD to help you get started with that.

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