Informing Patients about Online Consultation

At this stage, you should be familiar with

The most important question now is how will your patients know you are offering Online Consultation and reach you?
To consult you online, the patients have to reach your webpage on MyOPD site, which is something like this

Here are 4 most important ways in which patients can reach your online consultation profile:

1. Share Online Consultation Link from MyOPD Software #

  1. In MyOPD Desktop Version, click on WhatsApp icon in the Patient’s Visit section
  2. Select the option to share your webpage with Patient
  3. Patient will receive this link on their WhatsApp and can use this link to book your online consultation.

2. Via AutoReply Message for WhatsApp Business Number #

If your clinic has WhatsApp Business Number, set this message by adding your online consultation link and making changes to your clinic timings:

Thank you for your message to “Fantastic Results Clinic

Our  clinic Timings are
Monday to Friday
10:00 am to 2:00 pm
6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

10:00 am to 2:00 pm

To visit Dr. Bharat at the clinic call the clinic number XXXXXX to book appointments in the clinic.

Dr. Bharat is also available for online consultation. Book your online consultation appointment at

Online consultation can be used for Questions related to your health, Showing Investigation reports or for 2nd opinions by new patients.

Please note: In case of Emergency, do not use online consultation facility. Please visit your nearest Doctor or Hospital.

3. Asking Reception Staff to tell Patients #

Tell your reception staff to inform patients that the Doctor will be available for online consultation if required. This is a very effective strategy as your reception staff can guide patients towards online consultation for patients who can be consulted online.

4. Facebook and Google My Business Page #

If your clinic has a Facebook or Google My Business webpage, add the online consultation booking link to your clinic’s profile so that patients can get directed from there.

5. Your Personal Website #

If you have your own personal website, online consultation button can be added directly to your personal website. Ask your website designing team to get in touch with Team MyOPD to help you get started with that.

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